New Fresh Start Realms with Wrath Classic

One of the reasons I said “Technically”.


Thank you Blizzard for making a Fresh Start Realm.

But please don’t ever let characters from other realms transfer to the fresh realm. This will ruin the idea of a Fresh server start.

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Technically they’ll be fresh Classic servers too, then :wink:

Well, I suppose so.

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This is so nice but why allow tansfers there after 90 days? Why? For once stop thinking with your pockets. If this is fresh you should never allow transfers there.

Also, they could have allowed LFD on this realm alone. Will make leveling easier as healer/tank since people will not have 1K handy for dual spec from start.

Still I like the idea. Let’s hope they will polish it.


Agree, block all transfers to it permanently. Edit: And the boost*

Also, enable LFD on non-fresh and keep fresh without LFD or vice versa. See how it plays out :slight_smile:

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Really cool idea, and I’m glad to see it happening. I think 3 months isn’t long enough before transfers and stuff are enabled though. Should be at least a year imo or even until Wrath content ends. Basically a fun 3 months then this new server gets bombarded with gold and capped characters from other realms defeating the point of fresh entirely.

3 months isn’t very long but I also see the wording of “at least 3 months” implying that maybe Blizzard is prepared to extend that.

pointless. they will allow boosts and transfers. economy will be as screwed after 90 days. and even if they up that time. eventually it will become like every other server. stay where u are folks, this wont make any difference in your playing experience other then the “fresh andys” being able to gank people in STV for a few weeks.

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And will Realm consolidation happen before Fresh realms go live? Then we do not have a snowball’s chance of guessing which servers will eventually (hopefully) become low pop and go there with the refugees from RP servers.

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It’s a mockery to even call these “Fresh Realms” and allow transfers to them… Roll on everlook…

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good decision

It sounds like they will be enabled when pre-patch launches.

and do you have a date? We know the server “consolidation” happends the week of August 10. When is pre-patch?

No clue but I would take an educated guess and say pre-patch will be around the time of those realm consolidations.

My guess too - pre patch for “consolidation” of servers. And opening of new. SIGH!

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Where does it say same server 50 characters?
I can find only that same account 50 characters and that is different.
I dont think you can make 50 characters to same server even in retail, but correct me if im wrong.

This means: remove restrictions on how many characters on each realm, but you can still have only 50 all in all. If you have now say 20 toons over 5 realms you’d be able to create 30 on one of the fresh servers.

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They should also let people consolidate accounts since they raise the max character count.


Fresh realms, great idea.

I think the people who want these realms want them because there’s certain types of players who don’t like what has become the meta regarding gold. GDKPs and gold buying.

For this to work the gdkp culture would need to be addressed, and the botting/gold selling.

The other concern would be transfers, to limit people carrying over their hoard, how about limits are set, such as you can only transfer with 1000 gold and anything BoP. Everything else stays on your current realm.


In 3 months half of the people wont even make it to 80 not mentioning getting gear or anything like that and you are instantly back with boosters and botted gold …

Tbh sounds like a trap for quite a lot of people … not mentioning if it keeps with current trends these servers will be 98% horde, so good luck there …

Its typical blizz solution, one step forward, 18 steps back …