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Hello Everyone. I am Daelina. 23 years old guy from Finland. First of All I wish to say that this name might mislead some people so I wanted to mention it here that this name is just something I came up on my younger days when I was looking for some random names. So anyways. I’ve been looking for some new friends again after a while. I get some new friends from Punyelf’s Thread though and I’m glad for that. Still I wanted to make an own thread so I could actually talk. I’ve been lonely of late a lot due to been alone and not much people to talk with or have fun with. Still Thanks to Punyelf’s Thread that changed a bit. But yeah like I said I’m looking for new Friends to have fun with so I wouldn’t be so lonely all the time and yeah that would surely bright my days as well a lot. years ago I used to have lots of people to talk with but pretty much all of them had quit the game years ago so here I am once more looking for some new friends to have some fun with. Anyways my Interests are Random BGs so PVP some amount Transmog runs, Reputations, Leveling, Some amount Dungeons nowadays not as much as I used to also I like Island Expeditions a lot, and of course Achievements. My Personality: I’m a Kind, Friendly, Nice, to others,

But Yeah yeah If anyone get’s Interested Please Let me know.

Battletag: Daeliina#2972.

Hello! a friendly one. ^^
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Did you see this thread

Someone else looking for new friends too and lots of helpful advice there :slight_smile:


Oh! Many thanks, Nefaryas :slight_smile:


I saw that thread and read it. The reason why I made this thread was so I could talk about things and get my mind empty.

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Sorry, I was only trying to show you someone you could perhaps become friends with too as you are both looking for in game friends.


What kind of things you want to talk about? I think many people here are happy to have a conversation with you if you just define a bit what subject interests you. Your opening post gave more like impression you are just looking for in game friends and that’s why Nefaryas pointed you to that other thread, where you can find people who want to make new friends and maybe even be friends with the OP who also was feeling lonely.


Well things that are on my mind and yeah it surely might have given you more of an Impression about me. I’m personally looking for new friends. Like so far I believe that I have around 20 people on my Friendlist. But exactly what I’m looking for with new friendships is that there would be always someone to talk with. So far most of the people are offline. Some are online etc. And yeah the most what I would love to have is some company like I mentioned above. And yeah Like I have +20 people on my Friendlist still I feel lonely a lot of times because most times there’s just not much people online to talk with or play with. and by now It pains me to be like this. I mean that you have to be alone. Still If there’s anyone here that would like to Add me just go for it and I’ll gladly accept it. And yeah I know this post was aimed at you Radium but still I thought to give an note to everyone who’s on this thread.


Have you already added OP of that other friend searching thread on you btag? Not trying to push here but i think you might have lot in common with her. :smiley:


if you convince me - ill unblock you :joy:


I mean you saw and probably had read my post. So how much more convincing Do I need to do that you will unblock me?


fine i feel bad

you’ve been unblocked

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Not trying to be mean but the way you write is annoying o.o do you say yeah so much on purpose?

And learn about paragraphs man!

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If you look at writing and storytelling; writing like you speak or in general speak-writing (I know made up word) is how much of todays written communication is :slight_smile:

It sometimes make it either difficult to write for the writer, but also to read because when you talk in real life, you don’t use that many words.

So I would assume the ‘yeah’ is pausing or when you stand outside smoking and someone says “So…” and you say “well… yeah” :wink:


I didn’t know that you did Unblock me. So yeah thank you for that.


you’re welcome!
you may add me now since u need friends (again smh!)


I mean you may do that as well because I have my battletag on my first post up there. But sure just give me that Battletag and I’ll add you




Okay I did sent that friend request

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