New Guild - <Divine Protection>


I have set up a new guild called:
Divine Protection

Restricted to healers and tanks only. (I might accept levelling up in DPS spec if you intend to respec at some point although ideally you will already be a healer or tank.)

Why only tanks and healers? I get this question a lot when recruiting and there is not much to it really. Every guild usually caters to everyone and I wanted to make a more specialised guild focusing on two classes to be different.

You’re probably thinking it is not very practical, as I often get whispers on how I will do raids etc.

This is very much intended to be a casual social guild not taking itself too seriously, in an essence it sacrifices the practicality of having no DPS in favor of a more image (or roleplaying? role), a “feeling” of being part of a special group of Azeroth’s “elite” defenders who socialise, quest, dungeon and PvP together.

At the moment of writing we are only 18 members, but I try and do a couple of hours recruiting whenever I am online usually near the end of the day.

Hopefully the guild will grow in value over time as being a spot for the congregation of healers and tanks that people will come to know, but right now I am focusing all my efforts on recruitment. Recruiting for any guild can be hard, but even harder for one restricted to two classes, so some patience might be needed.

If anyone is interested, whisper me in-game or if I’m not online just mail me stating your interest and I will get back to you.

Thank you.

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