New H guild Ahn'qiraj

Hi! Inspire is a newly formed guild with people who transferd from Frostmane due to lack of people playing horde and inactivity. We have geared and gearing up people for the new raid and we are looking for people who want to join us. Our goal is to get a raiding core as good as possible. Atm we are looking for healers and dps mainly, tanks are welcome to but a spot in the raid is not granted. Every man/woman needs to prove themself a raiding spot. We are raiding 1-2 times a week 19-22.00, different days due to school schedule, family, work etc. We are pushing mythics+ also together and go as high key as possible. If it sounds like this guild is something for you, add me Gutti#1143 or write a comment here.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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