New hair colours for humans

You’re not interested in that though, right? You’re just looking for a fight. Go away, back to General Discussion please.

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I am actually, and there’s really no need to be rude with me for this.

In isolation of WoWdevolving into an avatar creation tool more so than it’s won fictional world? Hair color does very little. That comment is much more dedicated toward the greater sins of Blizzard’s past(ie. d&i blelves) down the same path.

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Another minor point on the hair color topic… there is also an element of homogenisation to it. Quirky hair colors (without similarly different skin colors) were one of the most obvious features setting gnomes apart from other races, and helped to define their character in opposition to them. Gnomes are eccentric, and they had a deliberate feeling of anachroism about them. The bubblegum gnome will certainly feel less “special”, if the bubblegum human is next to it.

As I say, a minor point. The hair color is certainly not the most important racial feature… but not an entirely irrelevant one, either. And in a World of Warcraft where races become increasingly interchangeable in questlines, any weakening of racial characteristics weakens the concept of race. And just as many players are attached to the Factions and their conflicts, many are attached to the racial identity of their character. I certainly am. Or maybe was…

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100% that. The tragic part about this is also that in Warcraft the diaspora of cultures is largely tied to the races and their differences. It’s not a new trend, as some could argue it’s been heading here since Thrall’s introduction, in that cancelled point and click adventure.

It is possible to rebuild what has been lost over the years, however i sincerely doubt Blizzard has the stones to do it. At least in any way that is meaningful, because thefirst step would be trimming the chaff, of hollow partisan political :ox::poop:

Given that the US forums are wildly more popular, I wouldn’t count on it. I ventured there, take a look at their story section. It’s Twitter V2.0.

Some even tried writing and editing wowpedia articles based on activism.
These people have a bigger voice than us and Blizzard will think they’re doing a good job.

I like this addition. Opens up so many cool character ideas. I got blue hair, and I love it!

Pink hair on blood elves, when?

It’s not really the hair colour change that makes this post legitimate, but what the change represents. It’s the precedent that had been set, not by this change, but for some time now.

It represents the direction WoW is going and how far it’s straying from its original tone, which was NEVER offensive and didn’t need the political corporate care package treatment.

But I think Wimbert put it well, it’s a mood. If the other person you’re talking to doesn’t have it, you’ll likely only be met with knee-jerk aggression and bans. Be careful.

clearly this pink haired humans are part gnome … :wink:

Half gnome, half ogre?

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