New hair colours for humans

Yeah I’m sorry, but if we’re going to see blue or pink haired humans in a story setting that’s trying to convey a serious tone, I’m out. This is just another pile of the stupid hijacks wearing the mantle of Warcraft and the skin of it’s corpse doing everything they can do destroy the foundation of this franchise and to revisionise its setting.

I already skip most cinematics because the dialogue is written mostly by someone that thinks people like reading sassy, online conversations.

This guy explained it well.

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If theres a pink and blue haired dev, there must be a pink and blue haired character.

Just like Corgi’s where put inside the game cuz a dev had a corgi in the office.

I mean… I get the general feeling, but that’s the line that’s not to be crossed? Seems just another one for the pile of things that destroy/change the immersion to me… One of these things that most other MMOs have already been doing for years.

It obviously isn’t meant to appease the conservative bunch that spent way too much time with the same game for something approaching 2 decades (also called: us), but that’s not exactly a new point they are making, is it?
And to be fair… the in-world reasons why dying hair should be a no-go in a world with gnomish sci-fi and magic transmutations aren’t exactly sound ones, so this isn’t much of a lore problem. It’s a mood problem, that people who don’t have it won’t really be able to understand.

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Its slowly turning into an anime MMO , similar to FF14 .
I really wanted to get into it , but honestly the style is not for me .

WoW has slowly been turning from early Industrial revolution World , to modern day California , and just like you would in there, it kinda feels stupid to be a knight with cape and shield .

But as the guy above said , it is as it is and honestly different hair colors fit in the current setting , so why not . There’s far more disturbing things they could or are currently added , which i simply wont mention , based on the above California culture .


If some new human hair color is all it needed to drive you away you are probably not enjoying the game anyway.

Nice gaslighting, can’t call out things that take the immersion out of the game.

To be frank, at this point I’d expect you to have either gotten over it or have left when they expanded the inhuman species to all forms of human complexion regardless of the story/world having room to facilitate it. (ie. Blelves, as a singular isolationist city state throughout it’s entire history.)

It still bothers me, but I love how pointing this out is met with vitriol.
I think a lot of people have given up on the lore. Except in the US forums ofcourse, they eat this stuff up.

I’m yet to see someone who thinks it does make sense. Then again I’m probably not even on the right continent to be anywhere near the circles which came up with such nonsense.

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Oh I know, I know. Some lunatics on Twitter tried to cancel me for it, because I spoke out how changing the skin colour of a few NPC’s and stating “they were already there” is a cheap, uncreative idea.
I was more in favor of opening up human lore.

Immediatly some lunatics were in place to start twisting the context presentable and saying that I meant “they need a reason to exist, that’s racism!”.

Diversity within a relatively small strictly isolated(for longer than humanity existed) demographic DOES require a reason, for diversity to exist.

But i suppose discussing anything on twitter has been the first mistake.

I am not even on Twitter, I was in the council discord before someone leaked said discord to Twitter where it got overrun with these types.

These are the people Blizzard seems to support nowadays.

Apart from the way it is implemented in the lore, I understand the annoyance with the concepts, though. I really, really don’t want WoW to reflect “the world we live in” at all. I very much liked that it was a compeletly different world. If I want to see the real world, I look out of the window, not into my screen. And if I want to see what “the world we live in” is supposed to look like, I don’t start WoW up either, but just look at some random modern Hollywood production that knows better than my stupid european window. No reason to mix all of these worlds up, especially when I am not equally fond of them. And pink-haired warriors, best introduced with the sidecut that’s part of the strong woman uniform are quite reminiscent of one of the worlds that isn’t the one I started WoW up for.

Someone literally quoted me this on the WoW GD forums because I made a wish to return to the old setting of Warcraft.

That’s with all things that change over time. Imagine how society felt when Black people got their right to vote or when women weren’t forced into the kitchen anymore. You are sitting in the very same, uncomfortable position as the critics of those social changes back then. Because you refuse to change your mindset and be open to new things, even if you don’t like them at first.

So, is it safe to say that a bunch of activists have taken over this game? Jesus…

It’s impossible to have purple eyes as well. Or dual wielding 2 2handers. Or using magic. Just saying…

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This pretty much. Don’t look too deep into any of this nonsense. Just like all trash creators, they can only create aspects on themselves. It’s visible in the whole expansion, sadly.

This is so well put. Yes, it further changes the feel and mood of the game. As you mentioned in another comment somewhere else, many many small changes have caused this gradual shift over the years but seeing yet more come into the game just continues deconstructing the World of Warcraft.

That’s the trend… and I feel that a lot when I take my characters - with their imagined personalities like my human paladin who fought the Scourge or my Druid who fought the Legion - into this expansion and I just end up feeling out of place, weird, disconnected. Like they got teleported to another universe and they don’t belong.

A shallow and generalising comment. Please go back to General Discussion.

This. They never established a southern human nation that was native to say Uldum or the Badlands. I would totally have felt that would be more creative and fitting and also make the dark skinned humans have their own culture, nation and identity. And while I like the addition to the game, instead they just slapped the skin colours in there and called it a day. Lazy and intrusive.

Amen, my small brother. So do we all here. It feels like we’ve lost that world we called home. Ion can rant about people making WoW their home all he likes, what they did is just displace the original players to make way for the hordes of dummies populating GD and the US forums. And right they are too because that’s where the money is, who cares if you have to butcher your world to get it.

This retarded comment again.

Even fantasy worlds have rules and cause-consequence interactions.

Otherwise they are just nonsense with no stakes or logic, of the type of writing an 8 year old might do. Magic, combat and races had rules in Warcraft, rules that were bent and broken beyond recognition to give us a world where everything can be anything and where nothing matters. A soulless world.

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Well the principal problem of “Southern Kingdom” is that that’s Stormwind, the first kingdom we’ve ever encountered, which is distinctly flavored a very specific way. Best option here would probably be to have some offshoot of humanity among the various large islands between maelstorm and Pandaria, which has parted ways with humans we know, in the early days of the first kingdom of Strom giving them space to grow distinctly separate features, culture, etc…

"The better the reader understands a magic system, the more it can be used to resolve conflict. " - Brandon Sanderson (A guy who knows a few things about writing fantasy well.)

I still don’t see where hair colour would break those rules.

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Hell yea. That’s why I often struggle to balance my mechanics of magic in fictional worlds I make for DnD. Too much and it becomes convoluted and overbearing, too little and it becomes random and overpowered.

Wow certainly abandoned all of that. Teleporting all over the place, levels of magic go from overpowered to useless from scene to scene. Absurd.

I’m not going to argue with you over that. I merely commented on the statement you made. Which I see a lot, and it’s ignorant every time. Sorry. Maybe you’re new to fantasy worlds but they need rules and stakes.

It still is your word for that, besides, I would really like to read those rules you’re talking about.