New heroic + Dungeon


I think there is a huge problem after u opened up for HC+ dungeon, everybody is running them, which means that few pep who has a fresh lvl 80 char and wanna try heroic - cant go into oone because ALL in groupfinder are going HC+ and u are therefore under geared. I know u can join guild ask them to help u and u can maybe ask friends, but in general sitting in groupfinder is so bad now, also because it doesnt scale with normal HC and HC+, they are the same, but everybody wants HC+, that means that with my fresh lvl 80 druid I cant go to dungeon wioth random groups, because there is actually nobody running normal HC anymore.

I have 2 things,

cant u upgrade group finder, so that u can qeue up for norm hc one place and hc+ another place?

the other one, cant u throw in 1 or 2 nice low-droprate iterms in normal, so that some pep who normally runs hc+, also sometimes comes back for norm hc to try farm that item.

This isn’t the classic forum.

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