New holy caster spec (Inquisition?)

Hi guys, WoW is still missing Holy caster spec and paladins and priests are the perfect Class to introduce them. So i got the idea of a new spec for both priests and paladins (called Inquisition maybe?) Paladins with shield and mh, and priests with standard cloth caster gear. Im pretty sure there are some examples of this in the game alrdy (SM would be the closest i think). Maybe paladin variant could have Avengers Shield and Priest could have Penance. Any thoughts?

Holy priest.
Disco priest.
Holy paladin.
Retribution Paladin

That are 4 holy casters.
(Maybe prot pally as 5th)

Putting avenger shield on pally, Penance on Priest you might aswell continue playing Prot Paladin and Disco priest :rofl:

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