New Idea to help warriors get into group content " For the Horde Skill shout ''

I was thinking of new methods to get dps warriors back as a great pick for endgame content without waiting in queues for hours.

Warriors don’t have BL, Cr or any extraordinary cc, Not even a DPS out of the ordinary, so my conclusion is not to shout and raise the dead… or shout and give bloodlust , But this new ability fits perfectly with the warrior’s lore.

SKILL NAME : ‘’ For The Horde ‘’ : " For the Alliance " Shout skill animation and sound same of /Forthehorde chat

‘’ IMPORTANT ‘’ This new ability can only be activated if the warrior is under the influence of a Blood lust effect

When blood lust is activated , a warrior can use this new skill to apply a buff to all raid or party members

Now the bonnuses are up to you guys … could be anything , bonus damage , bonus + 8 more seconds to bloodlust timmer duration ect…

Yes you need someone to use bl for you but we are warriors if we get exited in blood lust we go crazy and shout for the horde and go mad like Varok Saurfang in BFA Cinematic

So… Warriors dps can extend or buff bloodlust for all of his duration… seems ok to me .

Too complicated & could become too powerful in raid setup.

I think we don’t need a BL/ BR or new spell to allow us to be useful in M+. We just need to receive a correct CC & a correct team support spell.

We have already a support spell (Rallying Cry), we need another option on the same line for Demoralizing Shout to reduce damage on the whole group & also a new option available instead of Storm Bolt to provide an incapacitate (same as monk).

You add these 2 options, you increasae our appeal for at least Incorporeal, Raging & Spiteful weeks. Afflicted is another story but can’t do much about it, I don’t see how they could give us a dispell tbh

I agree that warrior needs something really powerful to help out the group, for example something on a 2 min. CD, especially for m+. Otherwise the class will remain weak compared to other classes in this content. Rallying Cry is next to irrelevant now and on a laughably long 3 min. CD with a really short duration. Something strong (but in this form absolutely needed when it comes to the power level of warrior) would be like:

Rallying Banner: Wave the banner of your faction, granting you and 4 party members a shield of 15% of your maximum health for 15 seconds and healing them by 50% of your leech during that time. 2 min cooldown. You can only be affected by one banner at a time.

I rather have our QoL changes improving our already existing kit. Things like:

  • For 5 man content (or as a choice node with) Rallying Cry; Now also grants a shield equal to its effect to the party. CD is reduced by 15 sec, for each shield that breaks.

  • Menace could now knock down all enemies (true uncap), then have them feared and rooted for 3 sec (true time); Menace removes enrage effects from enemies.

  • Intervene can now also redirect targeted spells, making reflect/intervene a combo.

  • Berserking (improvement node); now grants your party berserking and grants a 10% DR for the duration.

  • Seccond Wind now affects all allies not in combat (intention to passive heal the affix to the point where any heal would tap it once to full).

  • Wrecking Throw now removes a magical buff in addition to its other effects. Shattering throw now removes all magical buffs from the target.

Sure, some of these effects are a bit over the top. But, that is the general path I would like to see things go. Tools to handle the worst gripes we got in m+, without majorly reinventing what a warrior do and is. Basically, make tools we got worth to bring for a specialised purpose and generic use.

i think we will not see any meaningful changes to warrior until the new expansion. all resources are already going into the war within expansion.

all 3 warrior specs are lackluster in pve and i dont think this will change till the end of dragonflight.

dont get your hopes up. play your own keys if you dont get invited into other grps.
my fury is my main and i am running 90% my own keys. my bdk is getting invited left and right no matter the affixes. i just accepted my fate, that warrior is not wanted as of right now.

My warrior is 484 now and i like warrior but the state we are in is bad rly bad. Im playing allot ww monk now to and oh god that is nice so much stuff they have to help the group with aoe stuns pushbacks paralys. Its endles and warrior we have nothing bad dps.


Give us actual cc and remove that ancient 5 target hard cap idk why that thing still even exists from the game and we will probably be fine.
Also maybe cap but anger management should be baseline for both dps specs so we can have engaging rotation.

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