New Item to Mitigate Stygia Loss in the Maw

Over the first couple of weeks of Chains of Domination, we’ve seen a lot of feedback on how, as the denizens of Azeroth have learned how to maneuver in the Maw more smoothly and efficiently, there is one real sore spot remaining for players: the loss of Stygia on death in the Maw.

It makes sense that the Maw walkers should learn how to mitigate that as well. So with a hotfix that is now live on all realms, we’ve:

  • Added a new reward to Archivist Roh-Suir’s vendor list that will reduce players’ Stygia loss in The Maw by 75%.

The new item is called Treatise: Bonds of Stygia in Mortals, and it’s available at tier 4 with The Archivists’ Codex.


Just stop players losing it on death! There is no point to it.


Why not 100%?


It’s a mechanism they want kept in the game (i want it gone entirely too btw), but at least they’re showing that they’re willing to make compromises. Before it seemed like they were dead set on one vision and refused to adjust it.

1000 of a new resource to lose less of an old resource?


This is silly honestly. Just remove the loss, instead of adding this band-aid solution that is gated behind a grind


kind of sums up a ton of wow systems. :confused:


To Blizzard, your players dont want to lose stygia and keep dying over and over again in your badly designed zone of The Maw and with your badly designed covenant assaults that have over tuned mobs.

Just stop having us lose stygia, we should not have to farm something that is a quality of life improvement. This is why people are leaving the game, you turn something that is a quality of life improvement into something that must be either time gated or farmed, so by the time you finally get the item, you really do not want it anymore or have stopped playing.


On top of all it costs the currency we are getting an item to not lose…

Is it atleast account wide?

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why waste time blizzard

these is no point to this

a bug killed me yesterday A BUG, i couldnt loot my corpse
2225 stygia just GONE,
thereis no reason for it


Come on blizzard


Maybe add something that we can spend stuff on, sitting on 31k atm nothing to buy only junk from the vendor.

you could also just stop running around 24/7 in korthia?
i mean i did all dailies and many rares and chest, only upgraded 3 items to 220 and have 0 codex crap.

must be a you thing

Should be 100% imo but I guess I will just buy the gear tokens and hand them in again after defeating the WB.

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Yeaaa, warmode is back on, baby.

I stop when i’m done in korthia not becouse u saying it.


then dont complain about having too much resources if you dont use it for what it was intended for (gear upgrading)

whats the point again?

If gear was higher item lvl sure.

So you bend a little to give us something that might re-vitalise the interest and then you hide it behind more gating and grind! Why can’t you see that this formula just isn’t working anymore if it ever truly did. Honestly, very disappointing and sadly now expected to be the norm.


Oh Blizzard, you just don’t get it do you? Sigh…

Can you be anymore disconnect then you are (it is actually quite an achievement to continuously surprise me with the stupidity but today, here is a new one…)


korthia is more of a gear catch up zone… no real content there anyways, so you farm a useless resources and you know before it is useless.
dont farm it then.
you are actively farming it otherwise you wouldnt sit on so much in the first place…