New M+ Affixes

Removing Volcanic and Quaking is a mistake. The same one which was made with Inspiring. There are easy, hard and THE hardest affixes. Blizzard love to make my live miserable. The removal of grievous is great. But why is quaking removed instead of bursting?
Quaking and explosive are fine and bursting is just bad affix.

so new explosive affix will just be ignored as it is a dps loss and healer needs to heal through.

Afflicted is the new old explosives. There is more than one spawning in mob groups, so instead of whack a mole with a small dmg spell, you now have to throw a dispel or heal instead.
cool story man.

Is the new incorporeal affix designed specifically so that there is a week that priests get to rest and play another game?

Just make things fun Blizzard, what you try to do here is just… not fun! There’s already places where dispells etc are a thing, now you add an affix so we need to what… choose? I am just so not looking forward to S2, and I really enjoyed S1, not perfect, but S2 will be a nightmare. Not just hard, but esp. NOT FUN!!! (doesn’t mean I’m asking for walks in the park).

They should have watch e.g. Zuco Wow’s vid on ideas for future of affixes/M+. That was a lot of fun, their reply was making things so tedious, pugs will even be more of a s…show than they are now!

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