New Machine for wow only :)

Hello boys,

recently I updated with a new Desktop PC.

I think I chose quite good parts but I could be wrong.
My usual evening consists of watching Netflix/HBO and so on on 1 display and Wow on the main display.

I was wondering if someone with similar specs can confirm that this would be no issue or if I should be already worried even before the PC is here :slight_smile:

I went with the following:

Kingston KC3000 NVMe 1TB 7000 mb/s read
Kingston FURY 32GB KIT DDR5 6000MHz CL36 Beast Black RGB EXPO
AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D

Obviously, the goal is to set the details to 10 and don’t worry about anything :slight_smile:
I understand that FPS drop will be in zones such as Emerald Dream while doing Superbloom or World Boss. But I wish to dodge FPS issues in Dungeons and in Raid.

Thank you for your input!

I would have gone for the 4070, since the 4060s are generally not good value.
But if you mostly play WoW it’ll be fine, for 1440P high refreshrates.

Well i thought i could do that with my 4090, but the CPU bottleneck is just too big in this engine.
Some settings really hit the CPU hard and then your GPU is just underutilized.
Some other settings like compute effects max the 4090… the current client is so badly optimized and then on top there are some new bugs with 10.2 and DX12.

You got the best CPU for raids, so don’t worry.
GPU doesn’t really matter much there anyways.

Just a reminder for next time, ask first, then buy, not the other way around :slight_smile:

Ey thank you!

Yeah, I know I should have asked first, but that’s me. Always have to have that something instantly and regret it later :smiley:

should be more than fine with full settings, cpu will bottleneck it a bit but shouldnt really be a big problem with wow with other new games it might

A 7800X3D might be a problem? Or what do you mean? :thinking:

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