New Moonkin forms are amazing but the run/casting animations are not

Hats off to the artist team, the new moonkin forms are amazing.
But what has happened to the running/casting animations?
It is the same issue as with the cheetah form, new run animations just don’t suit the models, and the casting animations? It just looks wrong :frowning:


Yeah moonkin received panda animations, so disappointing:( Why even do this?
Back to my standard moonkin form, i cant bring myself to run like a panda, there is just no way…

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I love them. They’re goofy in an endearing way, and moonkin has always had the personality of being a bit out-there and goofy.


I am shocked! oomkin run is disaster! I am sure it will improve soon or sooner. It cant be finished and it is very very werid run. :joy: :point_left:

Mookin run looks a bit silly dont dislike dont like, miss the scary run from classic when they went after you in for example the hinterlands, the new owl flight form is 10/10 want more colors ore some druid looking versions :smiley:

Jumping animation looks awkward, before it reaches the apex of the jump the character gets pushed back down towards the ground.

its part of blizz design this race redesign everything went into disney mode.

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I love it actually, running looks really “birdy” now and I really enjoy wrath and starfire cast.
I used Astral form since Pandaria, now I am proud moonkin :slight_smile:
Sorry :smiley:

I love the casting animations, but the run animation… ooohh boi… :sweat_smile:

VERY over-animated in their shoulders, just like the orc run animation… to the point where if I focus on my character, I get motion sick. And I’m the type to NEVER get motion sick, even in VR… So it says quite a bit about their animation, if the only time in my life I get motion sick, is from the orc and moonkin run animation. :sweat_smile:

And the way they are chopping their way forward, using the feathers on their hands?? :tipping_hand_man: I love the feather option for their arms… But they look like cardboard while running… :sweat_smile: Why they decided not to include any “bendy motions” in the arm feathers when running, is beyond me hehe.

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The run animation for moonking is awesome i love it
everytime i look at it i’m laughin :smiley:

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Half the races and genders in the game have horrible running animations, so bad to the degree that I legit can’t stand to play something like orc or human women. The animations just stuck and they almost never get improved, same for the new moonkin model too.

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