New Mount Available: Sunwarmed Furline

New Mount Available: Sunwarmed Furline

Cozy up with a purrfect friend this autumn, now available in the Blizzard Shop and in-game shop— the Sunwarmed Furline mount.

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He’s so FLUFFY!


Can we have dis for 6 month sub pls? :heart_eyes_cat:


How exciting, the game is saved!



Boo! we had such a good streak of positivity on this thread!


A dog riding a cat… Not excited.

I want this so badly!!!

Probably should’ve waited till the patch with this. Poor kitties being spat on :confused:

I feel offended by Activision! Why you release only “female” favourite cute mounts since the lawsuite? 2 cute mouses, cute bird, cute cat…

Sexists! I quit this game.

Disgusting! Disgusting company!

I expect a fruit mount next.

Cute cats and mice in Shadowlands… Nice themed mounts.


Oh no…

You can have my 23 silver.

As longests their is the crowd of people being ''He’s so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ‘’ (majoirity of those are usually girls irl) blizzard will keep making these Reskinned Store Mounts until Blizzard no longer Exsists.

But you know Modern Blizz, they want everyones attention and 99% out of 1 times it is always the BAD, OF THE WORST BAD. Attention they crave to get.

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Come on people atleast try to stay pawsitive!


Idk… I love cat’s, but somehow this looks… ot of place for Azeroth. I know we already had mice and rats as mounts, which also aren’t “normal sized” mobs turned into mounts… but a house cat as big as a mount? Meh. Yeah, yeah, I know… it’s magic. I just hope we aren’t getting rl-cars or other immersion breaking stuff as store mount next.

PS: On the other hand, if the next expansion brings such mobs as tameable beasts, I think I have to main a hunter again…


How am I supposed to buy this mount when there are no Wow Tokens left on AH :frowning:

Edit: Camped AH and got them :slight_smile:

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I love this mount so much that I will reroll to suit it IC.

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What is it with the double posting?

i was thinking the same why 2 :rofl: