New n Tasty!

Tbc is approaching, and ive already made a post few weeks ago, so i guess its time to tell a little about ourselves. Who are we? Unkown. What will we do? Support high sufficient player base raids. What does this mean? The team will evolve and adapt on what players we have and who we can raid with. resulting in, if we got the ammo for it, going for server firsts (only if we got the people for it that have the mindpower for it), think of this later in the game tho. Rest of it will be on a more collective kind of way. There will be loot council which will benefit the guild before the rest, since we are all apart in this together. Mentioning that we will have a strong pov on character progression in and outside of the guild. Raid days will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays, having 2 raid days every 2 weeks, so it can suit your needs to goldfarm/arenas/bg’s and what not.

More info soon.

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