New *Old* Dungeons loot table in Season 4

im looking for actual (updated for Season 4 Shadowlands) loot table / rewards, for 6 new-old dungeons in Mythic Plus pool.

Do anyone can provide a link to such website?

In Adventure Journal they do not appear in “Shadowlands” section.
Not sure what’s the easiest way to find them, a website with updated loot will be fine.


Wowhead i think has update BiS items for every spec

Its only BiS items and not everything and they don’t have updated stats.

Well i hope this wod loot table thats showed in journal isnt a real one. Cannot wait to get 3 rings from docks with exact same name but different stats…i hope these wont flood the vault…

Okey I found it by myself.

First, the only page where i can find this loot tables is Raidbots Droptimizer where u can browse thru all actual dungeons and items available in them.

Secondly, someone make an add-on that group all the newold dungeons into one section, the name of the add-on: Season 4 Encounter Journal.

I can’t post any links :confused:

Unfortunately, Blizz need someone else to do his job.

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It seems most things come from raids, for me that is. Guess that dinar stuff was added since the loot table sucked so much :slight_smile:

I didn’t raid last week, can you get that through LFR? I may do a NM raid with guild, but just wondering.

Whatever item you can get, ilvl wise, depends on the difficulty you did? Just need Sire’s trinket :slight_smile:

You can get Dinars in LFR, yes. The ilvl of what you buy with them will always be normal.

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