New-old timewalking dungeons

So i was thinking today about stuff thats missing from timewalking like how in legion weeks theres no raid for it like there is for tbc, wrath cata etc

but that gave me another idea and wanted to see if anyone else would like this “classic era timewalking” since blizz already have the dungeons from the classic era and thanks to the dungeon finder they wont have to remake the entire area around them because players would just get teleported to an instance anyway

they would just need to scale up the dungeons to current level for whenever that would be. could include fan favorites like classic deadmines, and zul farrak as well as a scaled up version of one of the raids like molten core. or even add blackrock depths the OG mega-dungeon as a special timewalking mega-dungeon

obviously i dont know how hard this would be to implament but i do think it would be nice for us to be able to use the timewalking feature to go back to wow’s roots and since timewalking events only last a week before it cycles to the next era i dont think these nostalgic runs would outstay their welcome in the modern era

what do you think?

Don’t know why they don’t just make EVERY dungeon available for that expansion TW week…

And maybe Vanilla dungeons too, TW Ragefire Chasm anyone!? :stuck_out_tongue:


well at a guess id say its because a lot of the vanilla dungeons were too big to fit for what players in modern wow expect from a dungeon so i think if they DID add the vanilla dungeons to TW they would have to be very selective stuff like deadmines and ragefire chasm would of course be on the list and the 4 wings of scarlet monastery but places like mauradon and sunken temple are just probably considered too big in their vanilla forms although i think given how players these days are better than they were back in the day and have a much bigger toolkit now i dont think the size of the older dungeons (excluding BRD with its 20 bosses) would be much of an issue

Blizzard said they will never scale Vanilla.

Blizzard have said plenty of things they wouldn’t do, yet did eventually… :dracthyr_shrug:


They also promised so much which they never delivered on.

Or they could have not screwed over chromie time so that “timewalking” dungeons weren’t longer needed.

well im not 100% sure on what you mean by screwed over chromie time but i enjoy the timewalking weeks i can enjoy some older dungeons on my max level characters with the enemies and boss loot scaled up to be relevant too so thats fun imo

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By raising the damn level cap which means that the scaling between various things becomes broken again since stuff that works fine for lvl 60 with 60 related ilvl is broken when scaled up to 70 and 400ilvl.

Every damn time.

Vanilla dungeons are too good, leagues better than later dungeons. Blizzard is afraid that it raises the bar too high so people won’t want to run the rest.

I think it’s more that the Vanilla (and TBC) dungeons were played differently, more than that they’re inherently better. And they hold huge nostalgia for a different era.

That play style is what changed, got briefly reintroduced in early Cata, then scrapped again.

all dungeons from the expansion would be fine. i got Court of Stars so often i cant see it anymore. and maybe change the difficulty. the dungeons are so easy its becoming a joke.

i tried to level Mistwalker in the TW dungeons and at 60 i still had no clue how it works.

I dunno, the vanilla dungeons that are still around haven’t impressed me much (maraudon, dire maul, blackrock depths, lower blackrock spire).

Yet they scale for levelling.

I don’t know if they will ever change their mind with vanilla dungeons, I guess time will tell.

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well vanilla dungeons WERE actual dungeons but due to the fact that most players back then preferred the scarlet monastery dungeons to the the larger stuff like OG gnomeregan blizz changed their designs going forward thats why ALL the TBC and onwards stuff is so short and the vanilla/tbc dungeons wernt exactly HARD in all honesty its more a case of we were all TERRIBLE because back then most of us were still getting to grips with how MMOs work there are very few players who can say they mastered how to play their class in the early days and probably even fewer still playing in current retail

the problem with the cata dungeons is that was when wow was at the height of its growth so a lot of players had never experienced the challenges faced at end game of which dungeoneering is a major part and after the truely trivial state of what wrath called dungeons so few of them had learned what mechanics COULD be that they hated it when they WERE a challenge and as the old saying goes the weakest dogs bark the loudest and so we got the challenge dialed back to the state we have now where instances are just XP farms and very little else

i’m sick of court of stars & vault of the wardens

This is also true. But we can hope some of the promises will be delivered in due time

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