New Orc clan assests

Blizzard has released some Orc banners. Some speculate it is for the heritage armor. What are your thoughts?

Thrall’s way is the only thing why the Horde still exists.

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Just react to the link.

Looks pretty cool. Might be a toy or something for on top a mount. I wish they’d give more love to Tauren and Trolls though, orcs have gotten a lot of love already.

This motivates me to create a new Orc warrior that can wear this set.

Just because im a nelf fan that doesn’t mean i can’t appreciate new cosmetics and assets for our enemies.
I want to fight Warsong riders in Ashenvale again, I want them to look intimidating and aggresive, I love when this racial unique features and cosmetics are added.
Enjoy your new quest and armour, I will do it in my Human Paladin, I suspect the human one will be something connected to the 2nd war or Lothar.
They should have added much more of them in BFA… Kinda wasted with the gnomes and tauren… Should have been Orcs and Humans, or Night elfs and Undead.

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To be honest I fully expected to get Draenei and Trolls next. Orcs and Humans kind of already have good sets with the warfront stuff.

Draenei need some new sets badly, that’s one of the reasons I don’t play them much.
Also their lore doesn’t look so appealing, I expected more from Argus.

I got 3 alliance characters. All of them are currently on level 50. Since you need max level to unlock heritage armor it won’t be happening any time soon. Gotta focus on my Horde characters to get to 70 first.

You think that’s bad, I have to wait a year so i can get the Warden set, won’t be leveling my Nelf rogue anytime soon.
I need to level my human paladin and the rest of my other Nelfs.

Nightborne mage is on 67. This weekend I plan to get her to 70. Then comes the Orc for the heritage armor. Then Erevien. Then my trolls. I got a detailed plan to work with for all characters I do RP with.

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You mean you RP on a server like AD? Or just play them in-character?

I play on Die Aldor. A german RP server. I have guilds.

I only have a level 30 character that is identical to this one in AD, maybe i should start thinking of creating my new characters there instead of Silvermoon or Darkspear.

Don’t wonder, I got a 70 character already with my Dracthyr. Haven’t geared up yet so I haven’t been running any raids yet. Gonna take some dungeons to get a higher GS.

I haven’t touched my lizzard since i got him out of the starting zone…
At least he looks nice.

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Gonna upload a picture of mine tomorrow. Have a good one with Dragonflight. Could be worse. I hope the wait for the new Orc stuff is worth it.

Can I get the name of the shoulders you’re using? That’s the ultimate Black Dragonflight inspired Dracthyr. 10/10

Here they are's_Pauldrons_(mail)
You can buy them both on Alliance and Horde side from the PVP vendor in Ashran, it costs only 2 marks of honour.

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Really? So there’s no race restriction in them? That’s amazing