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What is the most important pc components when it comes to wow dragonflight? I would like no lag on highest settings and incredible fast loading times, like lightning speeds ideally.

what components should i focus on?

  • CPU with strong single core and/or a lot of cache (Intel i7/i9 or Ryzen 8-core X3D variants)
  • 16GB (or 32GB) RAM with hand-tuned timings (good memory kit needed)
  • Good NVMe SSD (4.0 with good performance)
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what graphic card should I get? I dont plan on playing newest games really only WoW

Depends on resolution and settings. Midrange GPU will be fine, higher tier if you want 4K+ resolutions (although WoW does look good on ultrawide displays, like 3440x1440).

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I use 2560 x 1440 and 165 hz for my screen

Would like to play flawless on setting 10

7-10 there won’t be much difference and some options could also be disabled :wink:

If you don’t have to cost optimize then problem RTX 4070 or RX 7800 XT and up :slight_smile:

From the CPU side cheapest would be Ryzen 5800X3D, then 7800X3D at the top. The Intel 13/14th gen i7/i9 could be worth it but it would require a really strong cooling :smiley: plus a good motherboard and memory kit to tune it. We should get the next Ryzen generation unveiled at CES 2024 but new X3Ds will not come out that quickly.

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Forget that.
There is no current system that can handle stable high refreshrates on settings 10.
You will have massive drops at the superbloom, world events, raids, Valdrakken hub.

The problem is the WoW engine at it’s core, it’s basically singlethreaded for the most part.
Even the 7800X3D, the fastest CPU for gaming and WoW atm won’t give you what you want :scream:

I’m on a 5800X3D and just recently got a 4090.
I am not playing at max settings, especially draw distance and environmental detail, also compute effects and RT shadows are killing the CPU and bottlenecking the GPU hard.

If i max everything out i drop to like 100 FPS while in the new Zone just questing (1440P, 144Hz gsync).

This screenshot is with draw distance and lod at 8. Compute at high and water good.
RT shadows on high (add ~10 FPS if disabled).
Lowest FPS was 33 at a point during the Superbloom.
Hard CPU-Limit.

So my recommendation is to get the 7800X3D, 32GB 6000Mhz DDR5, Gen 4 nvme, and for the GPU whatever you can afford, like a 4070 e.g. (too many problems with AMD, would not recommend for WoW atm).

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Game bugs and regressions aren’t an indicator of normal performance (but they always have to be accounted for :smiley: ) He will probably get like 200-400 FPS in Stonard though…

Complex combat will usually be single core bound but modern CPUs can handle that to some extent. With such open world events you also have to take into account the server stability.

Cheap old laptop with iGPU only can do a world boss in a similar fashion if the game works well:

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