New phone, authenticator not working

(Udinas) #1

So the charging port in my old phone got broken somehow, and now i can’t charge my phone again :frowning:
but i got myself a replacement phone from my friend.
bq Aquarius x pro
And when i try to set up my authenticator i got an error msg all the time
“an unexpected error occurred, try again later”

for now blizz luncher app and the forums and everything got my data stored/saved so i can log in with no problem
but what if it reset? i won’t be able to do anything if i won’t fix the authenticator problem
any solution? (other than buy a new phone)


Hey Udinas,

Please contact support directly so they can help remove the current authenticator. You should be able to setup a new authenticator without any trouble afterwards.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

(Udinas) #3

the problem is that the application is not working correctly
i don’t need 2 remove my authenticator, i just want it to work properly on my phone
removing authenticator from my account won’t do a thing if i can’t set up a new one using bugged application

(Dottie) #4

The problem is you didn’t use the codes from the old authenticator to install the new one, so it’s not connected to your account.
Which means it needs adding to your account, but to do that you need to remove the old one from your account first.

(Udinas) #5

The problem is that i can’t even get to the point i can put my recovery codes
cuz i get “an unexpected error occurred, try again later”

(Dottie) #6

Where did you install the authenticator from? Are you sure the phone supports it?

I take it you are connected to the internet.

(Udinas) #7

google shop, as always, 8.1 android system so it should support it
and yeah i am connected

(Dottie) #8

I can see no problems with the basics, I would suggest posting in the tech support forum, I don’t know android that well.

From what I know the error is that it’s not installed properly, I get the error on older phones. I’m not even sure if the phone would have security software on it so I would say turn it off.

(Udinas) #9

i did post it on tech forum and it was moved here
phone was reseted to fabric settings before it was given to me
so all the system and everything is fresh

well i’ve read on the google shop that some ppl also had this problem on other phones

(Dottie) #10

I cannot see your tech support forums post, but this is 100% a tech support problem.

(Udinas) #11

ah i didn’t make myself clear
that post was written on tech support and admins moved it here, maybe i will just write another one
anyway TY Dottie that you trying to help :slight_smile: