New player experience

One of my friend started playing wow, he has never played mmo before. We are leveling together and he really enjoyed the intro quests. At level 10 we got sent to BfA zone, it started off Jaina cinematics and story line. As my friend did not know who Jaina was he did not find the cinematic or the story engaging. Even the quests feel disjointed because parts of the quests and some cinematics were taken off for new players. Quests and the zones in general were meant for veteran players, it is difficult for new player to navigate through. Rares don’t drop anything, previously they used to drop currency or azerite power. We queued for dungeon and joined Freehold. It was an extremely difficult dungeon for a first time player. Mobs and bosses have difficult mechanics.

At this point I came back to vanilla zones with my friend and started questing in Elwynn forest. This was a lot better experience but the game wont let us queue for vanilla dungeons.

Overall my friend is really enjoying the game. I think Blizzard needs to do a lot more to retain new players. New introductory quest chain is a step in the right direction but send players straight into BfA zones without prior knowledge of the game is great. In my opinion sending players to vanilla zones with some guidance would be a much better idea.

I think a tutorial on how to open the adventure guide and look up mechanics would be more useful. Imagine a player who has leveled all the way to 50 and only been into vanilla dungeons arriving in SL and going into Necrotic Wake.

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