New player, finding it hard to understand the game


It seems that for the most part, finding basic information on the game, or specific details pertaining to the vernacular and slang that is used so much in chat is almost impossible. Whenever I google a simple question asking about tailoring or bag space I receive results that are more suited for veteran players to understand, and less something for newer players to get a grasp on.

Asking other players often goes ignored, and any responses I do get are usually unhelpful as to what I’m actually asking; instead opting to throw gold at me, or give me free items, (which is nice) though I would prefer if someone could take the time to help me out while they simply sit around in Ogrimmar.

Does anyone have any helpful resources for understanding the crucial basics in wow? I would greatly appreciate any help.


Played the game for 13 years AMA.

Alternatively you can check for all your in-game needs really and for all your lore/story/timeline needs.

Also, I know this is primarily aimed at Classic content but you may find still commonly used abbreviatons or WoW slang as it is here.

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Try there.


Thank you :slight_smile:

  1. Where does endgame typically begin? I know that LFR is unlocked at 85, though I don’t yet own BFA (was planing to get it when I hit level cap). Is endgame basically gated off to players who don’t own the expansion?

  2. When can I feasibly begin farming for more impressive mounts and transmogs? It seems like most of the unique looking mounts and characters are owned by level 120 accounts, is there anything for me to grind out now for a cool look, or is it just a matter of reaching max level to do the endgame content for nicer rewards?

  3. I’ve been told that flying unlocks at level 60, though read in the forums of people being frustrated at having to farm it in BFA. Will I have to relearn flying to use in BFA, or simply not able to unlock it at all until I get to that expansion?

Thank you for the help :pray:


1st: If you want to raid or do rated arena or mythic dungeons + then yes. You can not level beyond 110 without having purchased bfa.

2nd: Content is spread out. Mounts drop from a large amount of sources and most can be farmed without having bfa, same for transmog. But it’s easier the higher your level is.

3rd: Flying in Draenor, legion and Bfa is locked behind an achievment in these zones. Which is a 1 - 2 month long grind of reputation with factions.


-1 Endgame begins at max level . Which means at 120 .
Since you dong have BfA , endgame for you is Legion (last expansion aka 110 level)

-2 Again the answer is 120 . But as mentioned since you lack BfA and assuming your max level gonna be 110 , you can farm easily up to WoD raids and you might try get some invites for Legacy raids up to Legion .
(Many groups request 120 level tho for faster and easier clears)

-3 Flyin unlocks earlier for previous expansions . You can use fly in older zones but not @ BfA . You dont have to worry about since you dont own the latest expansion.

  1. The endgame is considered <.current expansion> raids and mythic+ dungeons (for PvE) and random(unrated) / Rated Battlegrounds and random/rated Arenas (for PvP). LFR in this case will unlock at lvl 120 and will have minimum ilvl requirements, different for each “wing” of the raids and different for each raid itself;

  2. I would suggest max level of whichever your last expansion is, although typically Blizzard makes old raids harder if you’re not the max level of the current expansion. You’d be correct, typically reaching the max level to start your grind is a safe way to grind old raids, but you could perhaps look into reputation based mounts like the Netherdrakes or Nether Ray mounts in Outland (which you can do at level 70+ easily), just as an example;

  3. Flying is locked “per expansion”, you will unlock Azeroth, Outlands and I think even Northrend (as of recent) flying at level 60 for a sum of gold at the Riding Trainer. Pandaria flying is bought with gold as well, Draenor + Legion + BFA flying are locked behind achievements called “pathfinders”, the things that people complain about because they are time-sinks due to the grindy nature of the reputation requirements to earn those Pathfinder achievements. So it’s technically re-learning flying for each “expansion zone”, if you will.


Thank you for all the replies :slight_smile: Another question I have pertains to the reputation system and how it works for in game rewards.

Are there specific reputation vendors that I can buy unique and nice looking items from? So far I’m exalted with Ogrimmar though I can only buy three capes and a selection of starter mounts that all look the same at a minor discount :confused:

As well as this, what’s the best way to engage in the social aspect of WoW? It seems like many players are reluctant to talk to me or anyone else in chat, and I only seem to be receiving guild invites from non English speaking guilds, while chat is spammed with ads I don’t even understand haha :slight_smile: I’m moving apartments at the moment so I don’t have my mic for a few weeks, but is voice chat really a requirement to have friends in the game in any meaningful way?


Yeah there are definitely reputation vendors, some of which sell mounts, in any expansion.

Hmm, trying to think about unique looking items… well, probably the Cata vendors sell a mean-looking set for just gold, so it’s a good stepping stone for you to start building your look :smiley: WoW is built around raiding and PvP (haha what a joke I just said) for good looking sets.

Joining a serious guild, not one that auto-invites its members left and right.

Social interaction might come from doing a nice endgame activity.

In fact, I can’t think of any other social interaction outside the forums for people who aren’t max level in the current expansion. It’s a bit sad but that’s the reality of WoW right now.


There are countless factions and rewards, since there is 100 faction exalted achievment i guess more and they have countless things avaible. You can target specific Mounts by clicking the appearance tab and then mounts and scroll down. There are all of em listed, same for pets adn they normally tell you where from. but for more detailed information google it and open the related wowhead page adn go straight to comment section. Same goes for transmogs.

Guilds are relative difficult. Leveling guilds that invite you are normally not a place you wanna stay at. In trade chat in the cities or your realm specific forum section are the places you might find one. You can ask to join as a social member.

Ignore the adds, filth all filth. No mic is no problem.


Thank you for all your help man :wink: I’m grinding for level 60 right now for the flying so all of this has been really helpful


No problem at all.

Whilst the players in-game won’t always be helpful, people on this forum always will – new or old player, doesn’t matter.

So feel free to post any other question you might have in this thread, I’m sure someone will pick it up!


You say levelling guilds are not typically friendly places to be, is there anything else I should know to avoid like that, or is it just certain cliques who are known for being more toxic?


Nonono. They totally can be friendly and helpful. But if you invite right and left everything you get certain people and even the ones that lead them can be…

I for example am in a dead guild with my main. 4 people that log occasionally, but i know them and if we play and chat its fun. Everyone there own ^^


He’s right, typically they’re friendly – on a surface level, for sure – but think about the non-existant commitment from those guilds. You’ll rarely join one of their discords, bond with the members or even the GM, because they’re literally going for quantity over quality.

The upside is that some people join and leave right away so they’re not toxic for too long.

You should definitely try though. Not to mention, Guild Vendors have sweet rewards as well – the heirlooms, a Dark Phoenix flying mount… it’s a win-win grinding rep with a guild :smiley: (which is done by joining a guild and then just doing dungeons, killing mobs, completing quests and it all counts for the guild rep bar)


Seems like all your questions have been answered by the helpful folks here, but allow me to chime in!

That’ll come in handy when you start buying your flying training. It can get pretty expensive, and the higher the reputation you have with a faction, the cheaper their prices are!
As for cool looking mounts, you’re a troll mon! You’ve got access to the sportscars of racial mounts - the Raptor. You can purchase them from Sen’jin Village in Durotar. They come in different flavours too, so go nuts.
You can also purchase mounts from the Auction House if you’ve got the gold handy. There’s a few cheap ones on there.
Unfortunately if you’re looking forward to flying you’re about to learn the downsides to “Pathfinder”. You’ll be able to fly in most early zones up to level 90 once you hit Draenor - that’s when Pathfinder was introduced, and flying will be locked until you complete it, which can take a very, very, very long time. You’ll enjoy Pandaria though (level 80). It’s breathtaking (I can’t help but think of Keanu everytime I hear that).

A tip I wish I knew when I started, if you haven’t already figured it out… if you get stuck and feel like you’re wasting time wondering around, go check the mission board in Orgrimmar. It’ll list a few starting points for the level you’re currently on, and then you can follow the quest breadcrumbs from there.
Wowhead is probably the best resource when it comes to WoW. It saves my butt every day, well, the comments do anyway. Always read the comment section, because the people there are incredibly helpful and will often already answered the questions plaguing your mind when you went there.
If all else fails, you can always come back here. There’s always someone around to lend a hand. But yeah, I won’t lie, the game can feel a little anti-social at times. I’ve levelled a few characters to 120 without speaking to a single person…


Consider rolling a new character on World of Warcraft Classic which releases for the first time in 2 days.

  • Everyone starts at zero, so you won’t have to at the bottom of the barrel because people have collected 9572015 mounts/gear/recipes/whatnot already over years and years of expansions.
  • The fact that there aren’t 9572015 of those things already means that seeing something cool actually is cool, not just yet another pink crystal dragon motorcycle. A game world that isn’t bloated and still believable.
  • Lots more people who will be at your level to play with.
  • Far more helpful in-game community because lots more people will be new as well and returning players will be helping them out. Far more social interaction.
  • Leveling up is more of an extended and fun experience instead of the game just powering you through it to get to 120.
  • Lots more world PvP with the other faction since they’ll also be around your level and quest areas.

Just saying, if you’re a recent new player it’s a good opportunity. Research it first though, it’s not for everyone, maybe retail is your cup of tea.


Thanks for the advice mon :wink: I just had a look over the racial mounts and you’re right that a good few look really sweet so I’m going to spend some time farming them :slight_smile:. And yeah I am really excited for Pandaria, are the dungeons for that expansion fun too?

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Dont waste your time, mon. Game starts at lvl 120. Just do your best to get there as soon as possible.
How to do it:

  1. Do all quests near you. As you ar almost lvl 60 you will be given a choice where to go at kvl 60. Choose Northrend (its cool and faster than Outlands).
    After northrend (lvl 61 to lvl 80) go to Pandaria (lvl 81 to lvl 90) then you dont have a choice game takes you to Warlords of Draenor and after that its the Legion expansion.
  2. Allways sign for battlegrounds and dungeons while questing. Winning a battleground awards you a level and its really nice to play versus other players (pvp). Doing dungeons gives you better than quest gear wich helps becaus you outlevel your gear too quickly.
  3. Dont bother farming anything below lvl 120. When you hit max lvl you will be able to farm better gear (wich has item levels). When you are geared you can oneshot every raid for cool transmog items and mounts up until legion.
  4. Dont bother signing for lfr below lvl 120. Noone is doing it so you will never find a group for old raids.

Basicly: reach max lvl. Then the real game starts. All other effort before lvl 120 is pointless and not rewarding at all.


If I’m honest the reason I Subbed this month was because of classic, since I’ve been binging people like Madseasonshow and Asmon for weeks and they seem absolutely ecstatic about it haha :slight_smile: Though in actually playing retail for a week or so now, I’m kind of hooked on the progression and find myself looking forward to later content more and more :’)