New Player - Gehennas EU - Alliance

Wondering if anybody here plays on this server, wouldn’t mind possibly extending a guild invite, or a helping hand by chance?

I’m a night elf warrior, so wish me luck there haha, but excited to jump in.

My in-game name is Morlu, and msg me for my bnet if you’d want it. =)

I’ve just had a look, that is one expensive realm.

Is that bad?

If you only sell stuff then no, if you buy stuff then yes.

Well, I’m still brand new, but hopefully just sell stuff, we’ll see haha.

If you have just started and are willing to reroll, me and my guild on Alonsus can help you out. We are a friendly, atm small, guild looking for more members. We do have some things set up every week.
You can read more about us here:
Veritas Alonsus - Casual gang looking for more
Either way, wish you all the best in you travels on Azeroth :slight_smile:

Welcome to Azeroth and good luck finding a guild :slight_smile:

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