New Player - Holy Priest - Casual

Hey all

I am new to the game, I started playing SL on a Shadow Priest on Antonidas (German) because a long-time friend plays on it. But the problem is that my German isn’t sufficient enough to sustain my presence on the server.

I still have another boost that I got from buying the expansion, a BFA boost (to level 48). Which means that I can start on any server with a relatively « high » leveled character.

Here are my interests / goals.

  1. Getting to know the game

  2. Be able to raid in the future on a CASUAL basis. I just want to upgrade my gear as time goes by.

  3. Make some friends and play with people.

I have no experience in MMOs whatsoever, the only MMO I played was a free to play (pay2win) baby MMO sidescrolling game that isn’t as complex as WOW is.

PS: I do not know any WOW specific vocabulary aside from mythic+ Or BFA or those things. If you answer to this post, avoid (or define) any wow specific terms, otherwise I won’t be able to understand you lol.

IRL Details

I am a dude
I am 25 years old
Spoken Languages: French, Dutch and English
I have discord
I play FPS games (Overwatch and previously CSGO).

I have a competitive mindset but not on WOW since I’m a noob :D.

Add discord: Chibibowa#1337

Hey Chibibowa,

Maybe our guild, BEAST at the Eonar realm, could be interesting to you.
Its goal is to bring (in) experienced players together to play, enjoy and learn the game better.

More info on it can be found here: [A][Blade's Edge/Vek'nilash/Eonar/Aerie Peak/Bronzebeard] BEAST looking for starting players

Hey! I just saw your post, maybe our guild will be something for you.
We are on Outland - Alliance. Iuncta Iuvant is a newly founded guild with experienced players. We are currently looking everyone to fill our ranks. We are going to organise raids, have Mythic + nights or just running Transmog runs. Our guild has as motto Together, We Strive and that’s what we live by. You can message me if interested. Looking forward to have you!

Hi Chibibowa,

Our guild, Braveheart (based in Argent Dawn/Alliance) is a casual/social guild and might be what you’re looking for!

We aim to have a community where people (no matter what their experience is) can have fun, make new friends and enjoy playing the game. Check out our recruitment thread here for some more information about what we offer. If you’d like some more information, I sent you a friend request through so we can have a chat! :relaxed:

This also sounds like my cup of tea

Hey mate.

[Horde] on Khadgar/Bloodhoof EU.

Would certainly be interested in taking you on, we raid twice a week Wednesday and Sunday 2000-2300 uk time (+1 hour for game time)

We have in the past been a Mythic Raiding Guild but at the moment focus on being a fun casual Raiding Guild with a very large social player base, we do how 'ever have some reasonable requests when people raid with us, you do your best to stay until the end, you come prepared and do your best.

We use Discord.

We play many other games together aswell, the Guilds been around since 2007 so we’ve developed some strong friendships over the years.

Morpheus#2552 if this sounds of interest to you.


We are looking to clear all content (Raid/Mythic+/Rated PvP) - We are looking for new members, we are UK based and all adults that dont take the game too seriously. If you’re interested find us on guild finder , or pm me if you have questions :slight_smile:


Hiya, Cozy is looking for people who are in your position! Maybe have a look at our forum post: [A][Shattered Halls/Sunstrider et al.] A <Cozy> Home
It might be what you’re looking for.