New player looking for advice on searching for a mature/older people guild?


I’m approaching level 40 (years old) in real life and I’m new to WoW (not MMORPGs). I’ve been trying to filter the recruitment forums to find mature/older people guilds that posted this year and I can’t seem to get any good results.

So I’m wondering is there any keyword that would help to filter for guilds that may have older people in them? Or is there another way to search for guilds than the recruitment forums?

Thanks in advance.

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I think you just need to use trial and error. I would look for phrases like “We know RL comes first” and such. Maybe make a post on your servers forums, much like the post you made here.
Also think a bit about what you want from the game, raiding, dungeons, just a friendly atmosphere.
Worst case you try a guild or 5 before you find your home :slight_smile:
Wish you all the best in finding the guild for you!


Great suggestions. Thank you Jaramina!

Hi Arvento,

Older clumsy guy here trying to learn German while playing so I got German WoW version.
I have no experience with guilds so I do not even know how to join one. Anyhow I will read about and if you manage to find the proper guild send me an invite please

Many casual social guilds have older people, many play it for 10 15 and more years, so check the “casual social” ones more often then not they do have more layed back people.


Another old player new to WoW. Almost like we should make a club. :smile:

Maybe we should just make our own guild, <approaching 40> lol

I had one in eve online, get off my lawn.

Was pretty nice :smiley:


Haha! I love it :slight_smile:

If anyone else is looking for a guild like OP posted about, i just wanna point you in this direction:
Veritas Alonsus - Casual gang looking for more

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