New player M+ - Keystone College

Keystone College is a fresh discord/community for dungeons with new players as the primary focus.

Our aim is to ease players new to M+ into their first few dungeon experiences in an inclusive and friendly space. We do not care about your skill level, your experience level or your confidence level, we just want to help you experience our favourite game mode. We have multiple M+ veterans with varying degrees of experience ready to answer your questions or run you through some dungeons between levels 0-10.

We ask for nothing in return, we just want more people to enjoy the game. When I first started I was terrified to get into M+ because I didn’t want to let other people down or have randoms flame me. This space is free of judgement, we just want to help you navigate m+ with a group of people with similar experience.

Mechanics will be explained, questions will be answered, and we will go at the groups pace. It does not matter if the key is timed, as long as you learn something.

All roles and classes are welcome, come say hi: JxdVrpAU3Lb