New Player Raiding Guilds?

I’m wondering if new player friendly guilds who want to raid often exist? as my end goal is to be in a raiding guild but i will obviously need to learn before i jump into that area

Are you asking for Retail, or Cata Classic? The character you are posting on is a Classic character.

In either case, the answer is kind of the same.

Guilds kind of ebb and flow, as people take breaks and come back. It is certainly possible to find guilds that raid at some level and that will accept a new player, and it SHOULD be a lot easier to find one in the new expansion of Retail. but ofc we don’t yet know how cross-realm guilds are going to operate.

I would join and read some Discords now, in preparation for the new expansion. Get a feel for what’s available, and where. Here are some Discords you might start with

The Fail Train
No Pressure
Scared of Dungeons

You might find people you could joing up with there.

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