New policy for advertisement

Took them long enough.

Bye-bye spammers.


I will believe it when i see it with my own two eyes.

For me the above means that i do not see any WTS ads in the que’. None.

If they fail to police their own channels and que’s then they will take over with even more gusto knowing blizzard lacks he cahones.


Yeah thats true, but im like, give them a chance.

Well, it’s one thing to make a new rule. You need to enforce it as well, to make people pay attention to it.
I’ll remain sceptical

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they already had 10million

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There is no need for Blizzard to actively enforce that rule or police its own channels. It will be enforced automatically as soon as people start reporting boost announcements on channels as spam.

Don’t forget that chat reports work with an automatic system. If enough players report another player it will receive a chat silence so as soon as players start to mass report that spam it will stop. In this case the automatic system works in our favor.

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That’s actually not automatic.

If it was automatic, you’d see almost no spam advertisment in any chat channel, since a bot would just clean it up automatically, but they want the players to do the work instead automating it properly on their own

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I dont care what they do in the chat channel. I want the que’s to be empty of their trash. No WTS ads in any of our que’s.

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Maybe, but that is just irrelevant pedantic semantic. I do not care how we name the system, I only care that once the patch goes live and people start reporting boosters’ spam advertisements will go away. It does not matter who are the ones to make the system work blizzard employers, a bot, players, or a lobster.

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It just policy… Doesnt mean it has to be followed… To make them followed blizz need to hire people to punish them - thats not gonna happen.

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