New pvp illusion Verdant Crush in patch 10.2

if its serious question then answer is that the ppl who dont bind their tremors are all in shuffle, 2/3s are dead and i only have so much endurance for so many 10min rounds for gains at 1.8kcr 2kmmr where i am on 3 chars

effort gain equation dont match when the brachet is deflated beyond, havent played in months and wont by the looks of this season and where everyone are playing in

You’re kidding? It’s really hard.

Yea he werent talking specifically about healers or people who have no previous exp before shuffle i imagine, your duelist as heal wont be easy unless you did hpala earlier

it depends, you could also be retri from retocalypse example and use the mmr you had saved from s1 to climb now, it could be anything that was strong and remained so to season 2 like boomy that now started push from 2.2kmmr obviously climbs easyer than your disc from “zero”

Currently we have 13126 characters at 2100+ rating in solo shuffle EU. Max rated player on EU is 2866 cr. In S1 we had people at 3600 rating. 51527 characters have gotten 2100+ in solo shuffle over two seasons. You have people with negative winrates at 5k games played who sit at 2300 cr+. How is this not a “participation award”? Just play and you will get there even if you lose more than you win…?

A prime example is everyone who has NEVER reached duelist (multi-rival / challenger) who then got elite in DF S1 for some reason :open_mouth:

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5k games/rounds is not ‘participating’ it’s a diagnosis – Also I assume it’s stats from a HEALER? You need to go 4-2 consistently to gain anything—If it’s NOT a healer profile then AMENO they need to touch grass…Thats a lifetime wasted in SS que

Yeah the 5k example I think is bad as well tbh because I have no idea what that would look like in 3v3. But the other numbers are still there and idk HOW people can think solo shuffle is harder / similar to 3v3 in terms of reaching 2.1k…

Im getting a que pop every 20 minutes orso bro. Which is alot better than to search a new team partner after every loss. In fact, they should increase participation rewards in shuffle rather remove it

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good for you then bro, i waited ~38min yday from 15min average as dps on 1980mmr to win first round kill enemy mm and then enemy heal left, i gain +1 for the 40min put in random circus, i didnt que another

today i took 6-0 on a healer instead and quit on 1.9kcr cause i have zero interest heal stupid people who dont bind tremors when theres 2 class with fear and 1 shaman and not single tremors

i went run 60min in real which i saw more productive use of time than sit 60min queing shuffles

I got it because I was always good, just didn’t care about finding other people to play with. I had 2100+ rating during Wotlk and Cata when I played with friends, was really easy back then.
You have played a single class this entire time, and only managed to get Duelist every season playing broken comps. And you are still salty about it, the same way you were salty a year ago when I confonted you about it, my dear Lukien.

Also ON TOPIC, yes, there are about 13000 duelists in shuffle but a lot of people play multi chars, you wouldn’t know about it, so probably 10k singular enchants. Almost the same as 'Bracket" gladiators from S1 and S2 Shadowlands. So what is really the problem? it’s not exclusive enough?

From my personal experience people are better in Solo Shuffle compared to 3v3 right now. Also, you don’t communicate in 3v3 anymore, it’s more like Solo Shuffle in itself with the difference that you queue up as pre-made. People with supposedly 2.5k arena XP forget that they have tremor or forget that they have a heal ready constantly. Also, I have seen lots of people in 3v3 with no enchants, sockets, sometimes blue gear etc. Lots of people in 3v3 also do like extremely low damage or don’t kite at all - or, which happens also very often, just zug a target while LOSing and outranging the healer that sits in CC.


the 3 seasons challenger boosted by retocalypse patch in s1 inflation and then with the s1 mmr to duelist season 2 and quit cause afraid even when retris still top dpses of the game

lukien is playing the real arenas where you have never broke challenger yourself even during retocalypse, you are literally nothing and a retocalypse product yourself, when lukien is 10x higher exp than you are

the 1.6 retri with 0 duelist/elites are flaming 2.4 sub with 3 expansions of duelists watch out

bro just went and said the biggest lie of “i was always good but didnt care play” but now during retocalypse just felt like playing, this was the peak of all retocalypses dumb takes ive seen yet :rofl: :rofl:

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I actually got into 1700 on my ele shammy on my first game. :cry:
But it might be because I havent played it since Legion for mage towers but I have no clue :face_exhaling:


Odd… can you link those chars or why are you 1750 max in 2v2 and 3v3? :open_mouth:

You know what is odd? :thinking: That you were only able to reach duelist by playing one of the most broken specs in the game when you couldn’t even do it back in SL when playing the broken specs back then :open_mouth: I think it’s really funny how you think I am salty because I call you out for being bad and only playing FOTM specs :rofl: I still have that screenshot of when I faced you… Truly a 1400 player defending solo shuffle because that’s the only reason they could ever get any rating…

Again… what is this brain capacity? :rofl: "It is almost the same as another inflated season so you are wrong. Boom I’m so smart :sunglasses: " The “problem” is that solo shuffle gives participation awards (which we can discuss if it’s good or bad) but to claim that it is NOT is just being delusional…

You are literally a 1600 player with zero achieves after years of playing, zero glads, lifetime duelist playing the most broken class in games history.
This guy was complaining about mean warriors during shadowlands when every rogue spec was busted and kept switching between them whole expansion.
Seeing you salty like this is one of the reasons I keep playing. I love it :grin::grin::grin:

BTW you have zero shuffle rating. Too afraid to play and be exposed if not cheesing 2s?

Hello the doctor is in.

What are you smoking? :rofl: I am not on the forums to “brag” about my rating or use my duelist title in game (which is insanely cringe btw). You are calling me out when you have less exp like how does this even make sense? :clown_face:

You peaked rival 1 playing the most broken spec in S2 :rofl: You couldn’t even reach 2k in one of the most inflated seasons of the game…

I was playing sub rogue in all of shadowlands…? Do your five braincells struggle remembering stuff or…? :smiley:

I mean :joy: I am salty because I call solo shuffle a participation award? I played it in S1 and it is the most horrible experience ever… But I got elite before I even got all the “play X rounds of solo shuffle” achievement… I see you are also a beast with your 52% winrate though! :open_mouth:

Hahah you need to justify playing solo shuffle THAT much? :joy: 2400 solo shuffle = 1400 PEAK in normal arenas :wink: We could do some wargames if you are up for it? Or should I just be linking the old screenshots of me destroying you because you are clueless about the game? :rofl:

Plays the easiest spec to reach duelist on, peaked 2446 when it was INSANELY broken in solo shuffle, 2 duelist titles, talks like he is the GOAT… hahha you cant make this stuff up man :rofl:

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i dont think theres anything anyone can say to this retocalypse product what he would understand, his very delusional of his season 1 retocalypse patch, he doesnt even realise he has been challenger over a year consistently before df shuffles, he just says something like “i were always good but just didnt feel like play”, and he still has nothing outside of shuffles

now his gained bit rating with shuffle on retocalypse for first time and then used whats saved of the mmr from s1 to climb this season just enough for the illusion and then he quit even when his class is still a solid top dpses but he is afraid he will drop

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Can you absolute clowns stop making every single thread in this forum about why someone who posted in it deserves their previous/current ratings less than you do yours? This one is about the new Illusion for S3, no one cares about which one of you achieved what rating in which previous season. Literally no one.

Edit: Ye not contributing to this bs by replying to the uncontested #1 clown, nice bait tho.

On the topic, the new Illu looks ok, fits thematically but could use a lot more particle density and it seems kinda inconsistent. Here you can see what I mean by that, I tested it ingame on a few different 2-handers after seeing the US thread:
Just compare the first weapon (sword from the OP) to the Crusader Blade. I hope it’s only a “bug” in the dressing room, like with Shadow Flame which also has a massive difference from the ingame dressing room to having it actually equipped.


When people stop being delusional about their retocalypse or rating bash others if theyre nothing but retocalypse or shuffle, nice insult anyhow and nice demonstration how clueless you are with your comments when you dont even know what your insulting people for, look in the mirror is what i would suggest

None you are addressing have started any of this, it is the shufflers and retocalypse products suddenly talking down on others ever since df, but i guess you have missed that one too as you didnt play much of shadowlands as much you have played shuffles in df

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The irony
This is your full time job, you are always in arguments on these forums

On topic , I like the illusion personally

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