New pvp illusion Verdant Crush in patch 10.2

Heres the link for US forums and outfit for PTR ingame. Kinda went backwards since shadow flame was super awesome. U can also check it in wowhead ptr 10.2 dressing room.

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You might as well just remove pvp enchant from the game since it is obtainable in a Shuffle where 2.1 is a participation reward?

I would argue this looks just as cool as Shadowflame, has that great mint vibe. Would look insane with some cyan colored transmogs


Can you share source for that opinion? If not kindly crawl back to your hidden profile.

On average 600 - 1000 players in EU on every class got Duelist in shuffle. If you take into account the number of players with multiple classes or multiple chars of the same class, it round into less then 10k players in EU getting the enchant/title.

Lets see glad numbers from SL. S1: 8000+. S2: 7000+. These are just EU numbers as well.
Hmm… sounds like you will see as many 2.1 DF Illusions as SL first 2 seasons Gladiator Mounts, which sounds right if you actually join any bg and look around on people.


You’re comparing it to SL s2 where everything was basicly subscription reward? Good one bud. Shuffle literally gives free pvp rewards to below average/casual players same way that shadowlands did just with much less active players.

It’s so hard to accept but explain the brutal amount of pvprs hardstuck at 1800 for years grabbing SL 2 glad into being hardstuck again now claiming elite titles in shuffle while still being hardstuck 1800 other barckers.

Especially since Shadowlands PvP is just not fun to play anymore and general pvp audience just logs into the game to collect free rewards via shuffle into quitting till next ssn.

Also it’s wild how nowdays whenever you speak facts every shuffle Andy instantly pulls out the statistics, analytics and presentations on how you’re actually wrong like bruv nobody plays the game relax.

True and real.

The literal only thing that is remotely difficult to push in Shuffle to Duelist are off-meta healer classes.

Shuffle is the reverse logic bracket - higher you go easier it becomes, if you know what you are doing - the only exception is probably people who play faceroll noob-stomping classes which obviously get denied on higher rating. This is because you can expect higher rated teammates to press their own buttons and play like human beings.

At this point of the season Duelist in Shuffle is achievable by literally anybody who has remote understanding of the game and plays more than 3 hours per week.

What they did in Season 1 was very unfortunate, with the absurd Shuffle inflation. Now there’s a bunch of people with 6 seasons of being Challenger in arena with that one Elite from Shuffle in season 1 DF. Since there is no rating-based achievement higher than Elite, people thought they were gods at the game all of a sudden, when in reality, 2400 from the middle to the end of last season was easily comparable to 1.6 in another bracket.

Unfortunately, people are unable to look at their own mistakes this season and keep complaining about getting outplayed, putting it off as “facing r1 players on 1.8”. No you don’t. You just need an excuse for being low rated.

Reasons and excuses are not the same thing. If you used all your cds and your healer priest refused to Life Swap you, that’s a reason you lost. If you missed 5 kicks in a row on Cyclone or died behind the pillar and then blamed the system for facing better players, that’s an excuse.

It’s important to be realistic. I almost got 3.2 in Shuffle last season even after all the DH nerfs, but I will never write “3.2 xp” in a group note. I write my actual premade bracket experiences.

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So let’s say 5-7% of people pvp-ing getting an enchant is not enough (which is what % duelist is right now). Then what would you say it is then, considering PvP numbers are already small and the people still playing PvP are more hardcore then casual already? 3%? 1%?

( which I agree, and that makes climbing HARDER not easier)

A big portion of the reason is because people don’t enjoy sitting 30+ minute queues.

30+ minute queues happen because healers don’t want to queue.

Healers don’t want to queue because it is very stressful to heal idiotic players who just do dmg and never take responsibility for themselves to not die.

So the flaw is in the game mode itself. Other brackets are much more realistic in terms of the rating you have, because people actually try to win the game instead of practicing their M+ rotation on players.

A lot of players also don’t feel the need to learn and become better, they just complain and are hardstuck at their rating.

Yeah kinda need to see it ingame on every wep and so on. Atleast some of the elite sets are cool like shaman, hunter and priest once.

This new enchant is ugly. SF looks much better

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Whenever i see % and similar analytics I just stop reading cause It’s just boring excuses.

I am not even bashing on DF. I think DF is legit a good game. But part of it might be Shadowlands just being the worst experience ever.

We just simply need to stop giving out free rewards and make people work for it. This mindset of “Game is bad let me grab few cosmetics and pce the fk out” is just toxic but comfortable and game leads you to it.

Shuffle is a cool idea sure keep it but remove any rewards except the rating number and see what happens.

There should never been any rewards added to SS in first place with the amount of rating / time you can get it is an absolute joke.

You can literally hop onto a new char and get 2100 under like 2 hours ? With ridiculous cr gains, rng, teammates, comps, inflated mmr like way too many factors that matters more than how you play? Well deserved enchant i guess.

This is technically possible if instant queues for DPS were a thing. New chars at this point start at around 2k MMR so you quickly reach Duelist if you get a few 5-1 or 6-0’s in.

I believe for going with really good scores the first qualifying games give you about 450ish rating per good lobby you finished. So if you do it 4 queues in a row you are already 1800. Then I believe it starts giving 72 max, but may be up to 100 cr (not sure). So give or take another 4 good queues. Going positive for about 8 lobbies straight is instant duelist. Average it out to 15 minutes per queue, yeah, about 2 hours (if queues were instant).

For comparison, qualifier games in 2v2 and 3v3 will always stop giving you massive rating gains at around 1600ish. After that, the most you can get out of a win is 20 rating, and that is only if your teammate(s) have higher mmr to provide you, otherwise around like 13. If we average it out to 15, you would need about 33 wins in a row after your qualifier games for Duelist in 2v2 or 3v3. Which is not realistic.

So remove new enchants just because you perceive them as being too easy to get? eeh what

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Did i say remove enchant? Or remove rewards from SS?

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It is not bad at all better than most recent past illusions. I rate it 6.5 out of 10, usable.

What is the issue? The rewards from pvp are milestones, 1800 the elite mog, 2100 the enchant, 2400 title/tabard. So I get that your belief is they are easily obtainable,which is not inherently wrong. But change it removes all incentive for casuals to touch pvp, and the game desperately need casuals atm


Pretty much this. Remove rewards from shuffle and people simply wont queue anymore. And no they wont search for teams to que either

Why are people mad about things are too easy to get? Like wtf… be happy that others can get cool stuff too and they are proud of it!
The new illusion looks good, but s2 df is hard to beat :ok_hand:


yup 2/3s could use more of these shuffle heros aswell, so remove shuffle and lets remove the delusions and go back playing arenas and those who want play random bgs can go que random bgs

you said “You might as well just remove pvp enchant from the game since it is obtainable in a Shuffle” but he didnt understand what you said, but his a fury main so we have to be lenient

theyre not queing atm either, heal ques are 2-3min, dps ques are 30-60min, 2kmmr is still random mix of clowns and multitestoalphamaxgigachads on 20th alt, and big chunk of populus is still waiting for end of season to even come play

just remove this mockery and go play real arena i dont care aslong can play something that make sense on long run and shuffle aint it

What prevents you from playing “real” 3v3 atm?