New PVP progression system

Maybe we need a new PVP progression system for wow because its 2023 not 2008 that gives players the feeling of accomplishment . This expansion proves that it is impossible for them to balance PVP and the game is to fast paced to complicated and there is to much CC and as a bonus MMR capped and all 3 brackets are deflated (maybe less so for solo shuffle). So we need something that can compensate for this and that incentivizes new and old players to keep playing rated and casual PVP.
Do you guys and girls agree or disagree ?

The base PvP experience is the problem. There are so many issues for different reasons in all brackets. No way to retain players by adding another carrot on a stick (additional progression system).

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I think casual PvP absolutely SHINES. Every bg queue was 2-3 minutes max in season 1. Now its around 3-5 minutes, which is still great, much better then last expansions. With gear being the same ilvl for all, casuals that dont wish to get cosmetics and just want to pvp just chill out in casual pvp content. Cant blame them. They dont need to do rated anymore.
I think this is one of the MAIN reasons for the Rated deflation.
Was it a wrong choice? No. Does it have consequences? Yes.


Casual BGs already have this its called Achievements - titles, mounts, tabards and so on.

Issue is, they forgot to add any new ones for like 4 expansions in a row. Last PvP title for HKs was 250,000 and that was in Cataclysm I believe, maybe MoP.

Battlemaster was WoTLK. Gorgeous and Khan and were MoP, theres one for seething shore but who wants to do anything in that BG?

Reputations don’t exist anymore either. Would be cool to have a Twin Peaks or a Wintergrasp tabard, but nope.

Would also be cool to have a new set of mounts or anything to fill out honour levels. You get literally nothing from honour level 401 to 499, and thats like 3-5 months of pvping daily for like 2-4 hours.

All of these things would be easy to implement but they seem to be all-in on shuffle atm and are letting 2s, RBGs and casual PvP die off. Not exactly sure why. Shuffle literally only is played because it gives easy sets for alts and people that dont want to find people to play the MMO with.


I can say this here as well, random and epic bgs should give honor to weekly vault. Why the honor has to be from rated pvp?


So that they can soft-enforce us to do rated content against our will :smiley:

At the end, we can get the same gear as rated people without playing rated, but of course the RNG of vaults and the earlier access to Tier Sets there is handy. Still, not enough for me personally to play that toxic rated sh!t :slight_smile:

Would love to see any form of pvp/honor bringing progress to the vault, even at a much worse rate.


I disagree. We had this in SL and was terrible to gear up alters for people with lĂ­mited time to play. What I want is be full geared as soon as posible and enjoy playing bgs.

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You can get the 3 boxes ticked off pretty easily with solo shuffle. The queue times for that however…

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