New Realm and Free Character Moves for Spain


Deviate Delight -> Loatheb is an option in the US… Pretty sure you will be able to get off zandalar tribe to Mandokir in EU as well


why you even care as 24 lvl still, how that even affects you? Kappa clap


So happy we got from now on a spanish server, regarless there are still more countries in eu like italy, portugal and much more arounnd eu who didnt get a server where they can find people with the same lenguage, Spanish people is with all of you guys.


If they would make Polish server, I would keep away from it like if it was fire. Not everyone want to be closed with ppl from same country only.

Actually I doubt that there will be many people transferring to spanish server - IMO it will end up being permanently low pop


Character transfer! We are some players, who started playing on Shazzrah, and then rerolled Ten Storms, casued by the insane quee (half of us) - now there opportunities for everyone to move to a spanish realm!? Why cant we have the opportunity to merge together with our Shazzrah and Firemaw friends to a realm, Like the opportunity you just have given the spanish community???
Actually kinda discriminating, adleast open the oppertunity to transfter from Ten Storms to an english region realm!

Sincerly Wow player from 2005-2019.


think about it :slight_smile: maybe because theres not enough players to fill up server dedicated only for 1 country? obv if there was big demand from italy lets say same as germany or spain they would make italian server.


I’m an old player Vanilla player.
And I have to say that I am from your work Sad.

It is really a shame that all free Vanilla servers
they should the game much better (Nostalrius.Elysium.Light Hope.Kronos)

world success and experience…was much more than you could create you.
their core would you explore…u learn. An example.

Project team Nostalrius he had with you cooperate on priject Classic.

On Beta testing testing be invitation only známý people for a purpose
better marketing. And NO… we. experienced Vanilla players.

I’m disappointed!


Wrong topic.
Wrong use of translator.

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