New Realm Connections are Underway

at least u got a merge some of use are still waiting on death servers, stop being ungrateful.

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Ofc miss the important part when everyone on those 2 servers told them in MOP it wasnt enough then but sure w/e .

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So about earlier, I didn’t remember about you and others tellling them that a 2-way connection wasn’t enough in mop, forums have been deleted and haven’t paid attention since it was just an alt realm, however I’m still a bit confused about the fact you consider turalyon very low: I’ve been here earlier on ally and I saw a little boost spamming in trade, admittedly not a lot, but I’ve also seen realms that don’t have any at all.

I’m not saying I can’t be wrong, I’ve only played half the time you’ve played on this realm and more casually, but I’m just asking: what way do you use to determine the realm is low, apart from the tag?

Out of those 100 guilds you harp on about half it not more have died in recent months/weeks and i would kindly ask you to get off my case its like you are agaisnt them being merged to serve your needs for mounts and BMAH rares being cheap and easy to get .
I dont have to justify anything to you this server has gone from being full and offering free transfers away to “new players” and guilds leaving one after the other on alliance so do me a favour and get off my case .

I don’t think anyone is against the server being merged, it probably will need it eventually, but when you consider all the servers in the EU region, Doomhammer is pretty middle of the road in terms of population (ranks 31/112 servers in EU right now). The way the population of wow has moved, there is a select few servers that have become overpopulated clusters as people keep transferring to them and that leaves the vast majority of servers behind and these servers all need support but prioritising the ones that need it the most makes sense and that seems to be more or less what blizzard is doing.

So why are 4 of you trying to dismiss my concern in this thread ? i will not have it the server compared to how it was is dead .
Its like talking to a brick wall with some of you really is .I notice you all spring up now but said nothing in

this thread or others we had before the forums changed but sure you think DH and Tura is fine so i guess it must be fact then even if you dont even play on the damn servers .

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@daestra … your best bet for getting hard evidence is to use the censusplus addon … you can then see exactly how many people are active on your realm, on the faction you’re currently on, at whatever time of the day it is. That would easily “get people off your back” because you would be able to say categorically “this is how many people play currently on our realm”.

For example, currently, my realm is merged with Mazrigos, and we’re looking at an average of around 160 players per faction. I’m fully aware that this is low, and hoping we’ll get merged again, however, also aware that, during peak times, that activity number rises substantially, so Blizzard have to balance the lower numbers at times like now, where we’re in a pre-expansion slump, with the higher numbers just prior and following a new expansion release.

Once they merge those realms, they want to avoid long queues at peak times, if at all possible, at the start of an expansion.

PS … current data for my realm:

Just out of interest … I ran a census on your realm (doomhammer/Turalyon). It took just under half an hour, from 12.30pm to almost 1am server time … give or take a few minutes. The stats were:

491 members of the alliance
328 members of the horde

I do not know what thresholds Blizzard looks at as far as min/max population goes … but if you want to complain about a realm, come to mine … half an hour ago on horde there was just over 100 online :wink:


Lightbringer merge please :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


Seconding a plea for Lightbringer/Mazrigos. We might not be the lowest but we’re definitely down the bottom!


Dear Kaivax, I Hope you’re doing well.

I’m concerned about RP realms. About French RP realms. So you’re not planning to remove/drop our role play tag, are you? We love our RP realms. Please dont do something stupid about this when you’ll merge some realms together.

Pretty sure you can connect the 3 French RP realms together and have a decent enough population that the tag removal isn’t warranted, I would be extremely surprised if they did anything else.

Not trying to dismiss any concerns, im just saying that there are many realms in way worse shape and judging from the pattern we have seen so far, blizzard seems to be (generally with some exceptions) connecting the very lowest populated servers first and slowly moving up the ladder. Im sure Doomhammer is also due for a connection in due time.

Ok, good to get some sort of explanation, I would like it if you were less aggressive towards me cause I didn’t say anything aggressive towards you, nor do I have anything against your case, I’m just very numbers oriented and the ones I found didn’t indicate doomhammer was as dead as you made it out to be, however I’m not saying it’s silvermoon-like populated, not even close.

As for BMAH, I can’t deny connections are a disadvantage to me, but they’re also an advantage cause they increase the % of realms I can cover in the whole EU, but there’s no way I’m against specifically merging doomhammer, and furthermore I have no say for blizzard, they will do what they want regardless of what I, you, or anyone else says.

All I ever claimed is that while doomhammer is certainly not the biggest english normal type realm, I found 12 that are bigger in that category and about double that are smaller.

So blizzard is nowadays working mostly on realms that are in much direr population conditions, luckily for your own realm, they’re being very aggressive with connections, so they should come to yours too, and I’m not saying they shouldn’t, just consider there are even smaller realms around, so give them some weeks.

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And i would like it if you did not hound me ingame sending me mails if i wish to answer you i will .

Look I’m sorry if the discussion went a bit awry.

I can’t speak for the others but that wasn’t my intention. I honestly tried to reassure you even if I’m not the best at it :slightly_smiling_face: .
I support you in your wish to get your realm connected overall.

Sure some people will disagree with you. Some just got overly analytical and I think you misinterpreted their intentions.

I don’t think the subject is worth getting into arguments with other people even if others are the ones looking for it.

I wish you the best of luck and that your realm will be merged soon.


So are you gonna try and level out factional imbalance too.
The server I’m on has always been mainly ally, and at some points when I’ve checked throuout the years its been 4 or 5/1.

Ever since cross realm and warmode balanced realms are the thing of the past. If they try to connect two opposite faction realms people will just complain they’re creating more lag without increasing the playerbase that can be recruited into guilds.

Does anyone know if the connections went through? Both servers are still marked as low but they were so low before that I wouldn’t be surprised if they would remain low pop even after the connection

No, connection did NOT go through, sorry for the delay but I didn’t log the english forums tonight, so couldn’t warn: they were down till around 5, 3h longer than the other servers (german, french, russian) and like you said they’re still marked as low, if the connection had been successful they’d be medium-high, so definitely the particular bladefirst-darksorrow connection failed.

Ok, trelw, I have a question, which I hope we can discuss here since it’s concerning population and potential connection matters, and since this topic is otherwise quiet atm:

I was under the impression draenor was the biggest eu (or at least english) realm for horde, but lately I’ve done several checks on who and I’m not saying it’s in trouble but at least it seems to have lost its top spot in favour of kazzak, the process might be happening since months too.

My evidence is that at raid time on wednesday there were around 150 level 120 per class on draenor as opposed to over 200 on kazzak, and close to raid time searching dazar’, as in people in great seal per class I found a huge difference: many classes with 20 on draenor vs 40-45 on kazzak.

On top of that, levellers at evening time seem to be 900 on kazzak vs 600 on draenor, at 00.30 kazzak still had significantly higher numbers, and even at 6.30 a.m. I found 275 people on draenor and over 600 on kazzak.

Do you have any data yourself to compare these realms, and do you think kazzak could’ve taken draenor’s place as top horde realm?

As far as the data on wow progress or raider io, guilds and such, kazzak has marginally more progress, but nothing that would explain such extreme difference, and draenor still has more casual guilds.

Its a weird realm cause its hosted on a virtual server. but try logging into it, it was successful…

The only realm that failed was Ursin-Eonar on US, 3 were postponed though, 11 servers connections were made yesterday.

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