New Realm Connections are Underway

@Deed: As I noted, a primary candidate for further connection(s).

I know which is really suprising.

and yet they still merge dead realms with dead realms. What is the point?

First connections they did were quite good, low pop realms to high pop realms but now it seems really odd.

@Deed: Multi-staged stuff, nothing new in that either in comparison to program 1 nor some earlier things during current program 2.

If they merge like 5 dead servers together it should at least make a medium population server which is enough to have a handful of guilds recruiting.

Yeah, hopefully they’ll monitor the situation and do some additional connection if there’s a need. There has been way too many years with dead realms already and this time it needs proper fixing. :slight_smile:

It will help in the beggining, in a long run it’s not a solution.
Merging dead servers together it’s still dead server cluster.
Hopefully this time will be different.

@All: Also, I would not put it beyond Blizzard this being a tactical, a semi-time out sort of move. As far as I can tell, Ambossar/Kargath is also extra tiny. If you make smaller connections there are less things that can go wrong and you get more time to figure out the problems that have been plagueing things.

@Deed: I am 99,99% sure this move is pre-planned and we are just missing the big picture for now, because we players have a far more limited vision to the following few weeks. I am saying this, because the size of some of the previous connections is sufficiently big that this “Stage 1” might actually still classify as “Low” in the overall scheme. And the same actually applies to the German realm, if it also receives a tiny partner.

@All: Speaking of that, has someone already found more info on the German connection? :slight_smile:

Merge Bronzebeard/Aerie Peak with other realms already so my friend can get CE pls.

What more are you looking for? we knew Ambossar was getting connected since Friday… Thrall is in the same datacentre cluster so it makes sense. Blizzard has connected alot of big to small of opposite faction lately, just look at Frostmourne in the US. Only thing we dont know about this weeks connections yet is which realm is getting connected to Blackscar and which is getting connected to Goldrinn.

Your wish is granted, we now have a destination realm for Bronzebeard: Blade’s Edge :slight_smile:

@Jånek: That “other half”. I speculated above that Ambossar/Kargath might also receive (EDIT: or maybe I should say be received by) another tiny realm in this particular connection. Thrall is an option, too, but it would mean two very different tactics. :smiley: That is why I am curious. Blizzard is sometimes very predictable and other times not. :rofl:

Indeed but they do leave a lot of cookie crumbs behind if you know where to look, getting better at predicting which realms they will connect at an earlier time each week :smiley:

@Jånek: I agree. I am just saying that EN1 and DE1 are far more complex than EN2 and DE2.

Since I found out about the EN1 and EN2 groups I’ve been thanking the RNG gods as all the 6 servers I have characters on, are all magically in the EN2 group

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Same dude, hopefully they connect us to Tarren Mill or Draenor

Tarren Mill/ Draenor are on EN1 if i understand Jånek’s post correctly

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Janek do you have any idea if EN1 and EN2 are far from each other? Or is there a chance they are just in two different buildings right next to each other, so connecting a server from EN1 to EN2 wouldn’t be too difficult?

If it was easy to connect one from EN1 to EN2 they would probably already have done it… Unfortunately for alliance all the connections so far have been from the same group

They are indeed, I would be quite surprised if anything gets connected to Draenor however but Tarren Mill, well maybe.

Should I see if I can track down a street address or something? :rofl:.

I Cant say exactly because things seem to have changed throughout time, and in comparison to other regions blizzard has been pretty coy to as the whereabouts of their EU servers, but historically Blizzard had 4 datacentres in EU: Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Stockholm. Amsterdam. Amsterdam used to be the host centre for Russian servers and the rest were split Among the other 3.

Blizzard support page only lists 3 IP’s to trace for EU which suggest 3 centres are left and as far as I can tell nothing redirects to Stockholm anymore, and the servers that used to be hosted there have been more or less evenly split between the EN1 and EN2 groups. This suggests the 3 data centres are in Paris/Frankfurt/Amsterdam.

EU 1 is 100% in Paris, you can track the IP for that one pretty easily. EN2 is a bit complicated as far as I can tell the IP provided for it tracks back to Amsterdam but the realms located in that cluster have historically been hosted in Frankfurt, and Russian servers are still uniquely isolated. I cant say more but suffice to say that the 2 dont appear to be next to each other, and also my latency difference for me is about 20 MS (I usually get about 35ms to servers in Group 1 and 15ms to servers in group 2).

Edit: For reference the Support page I mentioned for the Datacentre IP’s is the Following:

Im sure its possible, servers have been moved around in the past, but Blizzard hasn’t done it yet. It would be interesting to see if they will consider it, the biggest chance would be if they moved DieAldor because its got a pretty mediocre population as a standalone server but as it stands there is nothing to connect it to.

As someone who used to play on Darksorrow and who has a lot of alts on EN1 I feel really bad for alliance (and to a certain extent horde) who play on low pop servers on EN1. The only 2 big servers there are Tarren Mill and Draenor both horde servers… And most of the low pop servers are alliance… So they will either end up with huge clusters of dead alliance servers together or connect low pop ally servers to high pop horde realms, both not great options :confused:
If there had been more low pop ally servers on EN2 Blizzard could have done the same thing they did on the NA and German realms and connected low pop ally servers to high pop servers like Outland, Sylvanas(Auchindoun) and Ravencrest
The only good outcome I can see on EN1 is if they connect almost all of the low pop servers to either Azjol-Nerub/ quel’thalas or to Magtheridon, since both servers have relative high numbers of horde and alliance

All times are in CEST.

**The realms listed below will be offline on Thursday, 17th September, from 21:00 until 05:00 (CEST) for scheduled maintenance. Thank you for your patience.

  • Aerie Peak, Blade’s Edge, Bronzebeard, Eonar, Vek’nilash
  • Ambossar, Kargath, Thrall
  • Confrérie du Thorium, Conseil des Ombres, Culte de la Rive noire,La Croisade écarlate ,Les Clairvoyants, Les Sentinelles
  • Голдринн, Король-лич, Пиратская бухта, Седогрив, Ткач Смерти, Черный Шрам

Hi Eluviel, could you offer a source confirming these changes, please? I’ve checked everywhere and only seen confirmation of the English connections via the Support channel.

Черный Шрам (Blackscar) recently had a realm connection last week, surely they’re not having another one?

I deemed this to be a legitimate post as no one has questioned it, or removed it; but I can see some discrepancies leading me to think that these may not be correct.