New Realm Population Label System

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no, learn to integrate like the others

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would be good if you started to lock the realms to people that do not have a character there already

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You’d think they would of added more realms then was needed, then closed the ones that was not needed with a free realm transfer to those on the dead realms… :roll_eyes:


theres no chance of dead servers even then


Am I correct to understand that in this post you say that you changed the way labels (full,medium,low) apply to servers. But that this does not in any way give any option to people who are confronted with multiple hour queues for any pvp realm they choose?


THIs literally does nothing!!! it does not fix me not able to play in the evenings!


Ahh … now i see… you have done a fantastic job AGAIN!! All PVP servers in EU are full with a queue… Only Ten storms is high… Why didn’t you raise the player limit on servers before launch ?? You should do some open beta test free for all, but you are so greedy , don’t you? Like the money ??.. Heh ?? Since Vanilla WoW the servers are 2000X faster and better… It would be easy fix to make huge servers with 50000 players maybe 100000 , just need to phase them out and problem solved…But you don’t like to work for the money… Shame on you!!!

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Im pretty sure that Blizzard have now much stronger servers that in 2004 so its not big deal to handle 16k players in one server. Only question is if engine is optimized for that numbers because we know now we have phasing in Bfa. I hope they fix problem as fast is possible because at this moment players cant play bettwen 11am-3am…


also people have newer pcs/laptops windows 10


I summarised the topic so I’m sure someone mentioned it before, but this was posted 19hrs ago. At that time most (if not all) servers experienced a queue (despite saying medium /high /or full). At this very moment, all the servers are labelled as Full.

Everyone would argue that it’s necessary, so would you please elaborate on what your plan is after monitoring the situation closely? Would you please get the team together and formulate a proper response?


21k and 580 minutes queue lol


jumped down 600 this time, seems like it’s going in segments boys. Should be in within 5-10 minutes POG


im at 6500 position in queue with 152 minutes estimated time now. amazing, i dare to say this is unacceptable in 2019


When I had time to play I didn’t have the money (and I used to have parents boring my nerdy nature about “going out with friends”)… now I have the money (and I moved from my parents) but I spend half of my day earning them and the other half sleeping in front of the WoW queue…

TY mommy Blizzard



This is a lot better way to show realm pop! Now it actually tells if we can log in or not :slight_smile:

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how entitled can u be to expect no queue in server launch week?
grow the fk up

im at 6500 position in queue with 152 minutes estimated time now. amazing, i dare to say this is unacceptable in 2019

u know whats unacceptable in 2019 ? racismn facismn etc. not ur 3rd world problems u whiner


Well it’s people’s right to complain. Stop be such a SJW.

God, I’m so sick of SJWs who talk about racism and fascism in every single thread.


@ Tyròk
Although I agree that people complain way too much, I think that not being able to use a service they paid for gives them 100% the right to complain

Take me for example
I get home at an hour that apparently ALL the servers are full so thus I cannot play. I was not able to play at all since launch because at the hour that I get home and have a couple of hours to play all the servers even the newest ones are with a FULL label.
Now , I did not write anything on the form, I did not complain at all… yet you have to understand that I purchased a service that I cannot use. Nowhere did it say in the invoice or product description that the service is accessible within certain hours so I would be 100% in the right to complain.
I never complained though until now but seeing your post just triggered me. What do racism and fascism have to do with this forum ? Basically since there are way bigger problems in the world I should shut up about a service that I purchased that is not working ?
How about the next time you buy yourself a soda or a coup of coffee think about all the starving children in Somalia ( this is your logic )

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