New RP guild "The Dark Ones"

Ok so ive just created a cult themed guild

I'm not expecting it to grow quickly i would be stupid to think otherwise but this is just to let people know that this guild is out there.

being a cult themed guild certain goody two-shoe classes have restrictions on (pallys and priests, tho void priests are fine) (shamans are in a bit of a grey area)

altho this is a RP guild there will be a limited number of spaces for people who just want to be social, however this will be a RP guild so as i said these spaces will be limited

the guild is still VERY green, and help will be need to fully get it off the ground however i am determined to make it work.

if anyone wants to join please just replay to this and i will contact you
the cult itself is secretive, working on any dark magic it can to gain as much power as it can.
well this may seem an odd necro but i'm curious. why a limititation on OOC classes. and what's the guild's purpose outside being "Cultists"?
What's the end goal. is there sibling guilds or guilds this one is meant to bump against once in a while?

Good luck with it, hope to see it around.