New server connections, incoming!

Are they gonna change the name of the merged servers? It’s kind of a mouthful now.

Welcome to Defias et al, guys.
We have RP, PVE and PVP to enjoy. Please do not let the previous RPPVP tag scare you off, all it means is that there is a variety of peeps here interested in all aspects of the game.
This is our server RP discord for anyone interested:

I hope to see you around and hope we all make some new friends.

Best regards, Alexandra Rivershield.


Its been wonderful interacting with the Defias both shortly ingame and on the discords, hopefully we’ll all see a long and prosperous Rp time ahead!

Thx, Blizzard, for utterly destroying Darkmoon by merging us with the spam kings fm Defias. As someone pointed out in SW general; “gone from a nice peaceful realm to a frat house selling everything but the kitchen sink”.

100 spammers blocked in a matter of hours.


Just leave the trade channel…? There’s no spam in general.


Suburbs my friend, suburbs.

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so, early days I guess, but have we seen any benefits of the merge yet other than an explosion of boost spam?

Unrelated, Could you link a active discord link? <3

I see a lot more people around in Stormwind among other places. For me that’s a benefit as it’s no longer so empty save from NPCs. When I get round to it, it will probably be easier to find or start walk up rp too.

And the spam problem is easily fixed by leaving /trade as that’s pretty much a not needed channel anyway. At least for me.

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Dear RP friends from the new big RP realm, is it okay for my peasant Sha’glade Cartel self to join your Discord? I still cling to hope that my cluster will join yours… :flushed:

Pop on by!

Of course.

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Sweet, thank you!

That said, could you repost the link? The old one seems to have expired. x)

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Edited the link :slight_smile:

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the link wont work it says it may be expired?

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I can’t use the link either

Wow, this realm isn’t completely and utterly dead anymore.

Nice to see. :slight_smile:

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It seems the link stays for a couple of days and gets expired.

If the link expires and you want a new link; feel free to message Yume#3232 on discord and I will gladly share the link :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the new link!