New server in the group

So it seems that on live (but not on forums), Burning legion server was added to our group. Being a mostly Polish populate server, they all speak their native language. Nothing against it, too bad that now for us english speakers trade chat is impossible to live.
Please let us go back as we were. We might be small, but at least we mostly understood each other fine… now being in town is really frustrating

I suggest people need to create more posts on forums because we’ve been ignored for god knows how long now. Its a real shame when you can’t even communicate with people in shared chat anymore like Trade chanel because it’s all in polish. The zombie even began and normally people talk in chat about it all but now it’s all in polish

I ended up leaving trade chat, because it’s just unreadable. The problem is, I don’t think Blizzard is even looking at these parts of the forums, the CMs just hang around general, so nothing is going to get done no matter how much we post about it.

It’s completely ruined the server, because anyone that isn’t able to speak Polish can’t communicate now.

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