New talent option for Divine Toll

There are some spells that work both for friendly target and enemy target, as example Holy Shock, can use it to heal friends, or damage enemies, or Priests Holy Nova, aoe that heal friends and damage enemies at same time.

All classes also have talent points, where you have to choose 1 from 2 options, and can be either 2 different spells or abilities, or can be 2 versions of upgrades for the same spell or ability.

With this in mind, I look at Divine Toll, a very important spell for Paladin, that for Protection Spec already have double effect, works as aoe/multi-target damage, great for big pulls (or when the Hunter does a ninja pull), but also works as multi-target silence/interrupt, to a max of 5 targets.

But for Ret specs, I think it “only” works as multi-target damage ability, and for Holy spec, there is the option to use it as multi-target direct heal or damage ability.

Now, my suggestion is, to give Divine Toll a new option, at least for Rets and Holy, and for Prots could simply be an upgrade.

And that is, for all specs, let Divine Toll cast the shield, instead or judgement or holy shock, letting it work as it does for Prots, with the added bonus of allowing it to be used on friendly targets, providing an absorb shield, to a max of 5 targets, including the caster.

For Holy spec, would be a choice between direct heals/damage or absorb shield/interrupt, as both could do similar damage.

For Rets, would be a choice of higher damage from judgement with no added bonus or options, or support your team with absorb shield or interrupt, as the shield does less damage than judgement.

Now, i know what you are thinking, you are thinking “Rets don’t use shields”, and even some Holys don’t, but just remember, the shield is not physical, is holy light, like that hammer. Or at least it should be. If we don’t need to equip a hammer to cast the hammer ability, same should be for the shield.

And since I feel I’m on a roll, 2 small suggestions for Holy spec:

First very basic, that is let Light of Dawn heal all around the caster and not only in front. If you want Holy Palas to go melee dps, that means half the team will be behind that caster, making the Light of Dawn spell less useful.

Second, bring back the Denounce spell (I think that was the name), a range damage ability, with no cd and short cast time, to allow Holy Palas to do damage without going melee.

Divine toll has always felt a little underwhelming to me, whilst cool and powerful, it did just throw a judgements at 5 targets. Where other classes got entirely new spells, which have just been converted from Covenant looks to class looks. Ret’s is just, AoE Judgements. Always a little on the boring side.

So yeah, either outright replace the ability, at least for Ret (Prot and Holy I think are somewhat fine that regard with them having more function) or give DT something extra for Ret. Your idea is intersting. but I think that would maybe subtract from Prot spec a little and a better candidate for a proper AoE interrupt would be blinding light an ability I would personally love to see overhauled

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