New Talent Trees are SO GOOD. Keep them in next expansion


returning player here, deleted my old account with cata and one with legion, restarted on BFA with this one, off and on.
First time I came back and what I really wanted, is now there. I wanted more complex trees and also many abilities.

It really fulfills, especially when I saw that Affli can finally spec a bit more into Single Target enhancement.
Pala rotation, talents and abilities are so many and so great.

The only missing thing for me is shaman totems, like old fire totems.

Maybe I will buy DF and its sub fee now. Maybe, even though according to server costs in 2023 compared with the past, it shouldnt be that expensive anymore… even customer support is just poor automation.
I have paid for worse xpacs 2 times in a row already but also invested 10k hours


DF is currently on sale and costs 10 Euro until Sept 17. If you’re gonna take the jump, either do it now, or wait until maybe three weeks before patch 10.2 drops (maybe November) and get geared up a bit to start the patch.

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25 € minimum

My apologies. I misread the Sale page, and mistook the upgrade price for the full package.

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