New Talents Idea to help arms warrior not be last tier next season

Storm bolt baseline = talent pick changes storm bolt to stun your primary target and jump to the closest target stuning them 1 sec less than primary target jumps 3 times.

Banner of war all members of party or raid get 10% of their primary attribute for 15 secs

Fear baseline = talent fear : changes fear from aoe to single target : 1 second cast : fear coldown reduced to 45 sec : take a big breath and shout your closest targeted foe making him stand still feared for 10 sec or more if not damaged , reduced in pvp

Shatering throw review : use all your fury left for charging skill like drachtyr breath more sec charging better : max charge do a super heavy throw to your enemy target doing heavy damage , extra damage if below 30% health if it lands break all their shield or immune too .

Yes i Like dreaming a lot .

Both Arms and Fury warrior reached the 3400-3500 end-season mark. So clearly arms is able to do the work already. That aside.

The reason Fury is more Popular on average (other than playstyle and player preference) than Arms, is simply - selfsustain. Fury is S tier when it comes to surviving and absorbing damage at no detriment. Arms, sadly, needs a lot more babysitting. Now combine that with damage profile for Arms must be played around, while Fury can simply just do its thing. Arms specialises and does both ST and AoE better than Fury, problem being for Arms that Fury can do both decent at the same time - while Arms can only excel at one at a time.

Arms getting more CC would not solve the issues it faces - also, warrior does not need more tools and utility see: DPS Warrior in M+ - “Why would I take a warrior?” -

What you want to ask for is either a less specialised damage profile to make, or increase your selfsustain. Examples of what it could be:

  • Ignore pain now absorbs 65% damage taken, shield size increased by 33%.
  • More leech from somewhere, or on something.
  • 10% damage reduction from targets affected by your bleeds (to put Arms on line with Fury flat damage % red)

While I would love to see Warbanner make a return (to replace that god danged spear), that would truely be dream material. We both know that wont happen. Especially not as a raidbuff at such a strength level. Asking for 15% increased movementspeed for the party, a 20% bonus STR for the warrior, and 4%, primary stat for the closest 4 allies, would be more in line. Throw in two nodes - one that increases duration with rage spent and one that grants more STR % for the first 15 sec (not extended) would be closer to what we should aim and try for.

Have a great coming weekend, Grom!

Funkykittié trolling gromred episode n°15054 !

Is ok but what i ask blizzard is give m plus leaders be more happy when they see a warrior dps apply in a 22 Pug for example , I only play to get more score but the timmers to enter keys are not acceptable spamming apply to all 22 keys for 1 invite a day , nobody will do that only sick people , and the problem is not my io , is class not appealing for party leaders … So even if I’m cappable of time all the dungeons in 23 with a nice party Im pretty sure i can cuz i do all the mecs perfect in boss and cut stun key skills … The problem is get inside this keys if i see a chance to play the game , i will not be here , I will be playing , but i cant so you are not solving the problem , and blizz is not changing how pug works or buffing warrior so they get more invites so why keep playing a class nobody wants in team ?

Bro we talk 2 month ago and you told me warr is great bla bla bla… for 10.1 even Critcake is crying warrior sucks. So yeah i was right.

You refering to Critcake saying Retribution is better than warrior atm? Because that is correct 100%.
Maybe that he is complaining very vocally how bad the coming arms (t4) is? Because he is, and that is alright cause it is real bad.

I will take your word for it though. Feels bad if Critcake truly have thrown warrior as a whole under the buss, saying ‘it sucks in m+’.

Doesn’t make it true though, as we still got our warrior kings showing how it can and is still being done.

Yeah, again I feel you. Really do.

Sadly as long as warrior don’t get a funnel DPS style (or are in need of a nerf), we won’t be brought for MDI and we don’t have a big community pusher that is popular and mainstream. So community perception says that warrior is bad and don’t bring anything.

Nothing is worse than being declined for a 22, even if you already have done it as a 24 in time. You know you pull your weight and can carry another on DPS overall. You know how to and are able to do the prio stops. You know how to break packs with spellreflect. None of that matters Vs community perception.

When you get to the 22-25 area, it is the big zone of where you should stop trying to PuG to push. Trying to go for the title, as a non-fotm DPS spec, PuGing will be extremely hard. Keep in mind, you might have done 22s in time, but you are also competing with others that have done 24s in time (not to mention metacomps/fotm).

My argument is never that warriors don’t struggle to get into keys. The reason is simply not a lack of tools or performance. We all here agree warrior can easily do top end content and pull their weight. The only handicap is perception of the classes/specs. An AoE stun would not fix that - as we already got the AoE stun.

So in the end. If you want minimum downtime getting into keys and being able to push, there is only a solution: to drop the PuG dream and go premade.

Perception of classes/specs is an exageration of reality. It’s still based on reality. You need to fix reality for perception to correct itself. That’s why you see thread pop up in the US and EU forum suggesting adding some form of group utility to increase desirability

We functionally dont for at least 2 reasons. What matters is not what we can get in the talent tree but the opportunity cost to getting it. Taking the stun is a huge dps loss, and for a the dps role that’s kinda not acceptable.
Secondly even if you take it, this is not written on you pseudo when you apply to pug meaning it’s invisible to the community thus not a argument for taking a warrior dps (and even if it was that would currently be more of an argument against you).

The various suggestion focused around having an AoE stun always fixes both aspect at the same time. Because making it more accessible makes it mandatory and expected by the community

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The 4% DPS loss is not that game-ending. If the stun is needed in the comp, you can bring it. The only reason noone brings it, is because they see their DPS being their only value brought into a key. It hurts my brain every time. 5k overall DPS will not break the key, if not bringing the stun would.

We both agree it is a perception problem. Reality is that warrior is not brought, even if they easily could be the best option for the comp that is being built. Yet, if we try to push in and grant all the utility to ‘fix the problem’, we need to nerf the damage to compensate or survivalbility - we can’t ask to be uncontested #1. Already we are more than strong enough to bring.

In season two, we will do even more damage and get more sustainability. So, Fury should naturally get a small boost in performance. Our only issue is still the ‘MDI issue’, and that will never go away without a total rework.

It is a fight Vs the community perception at large, so to begin to counter it - we must make the casuals understand that warrior is great even right now. If we complain about non-issues and screaming for more, as if we have nothing, people will believe what they see -Warrior is screaming as they got nothing, thus they got nothing. They are nothing. Even if this is untrue.

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