New to feral and want to improve

Hey there, as the title states I’m new to the spec but want to get into both pvp and pve in the upcoming season.

To the veteran or experienced feral players in both pvp and pve, are there any tipps or advice on how best to learn feral, or any important thing to know going into the new patch?

Thanks in advance. ^^

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I play feral for 10 years. Im a pvp player, usually play around 2.2+
My advice to you: Just don’t.
Feral is utter garbage especially right now.
Generally Devs rarelt care about the class and if you gonna play it be ready to feel like the neglected sibling.
The design is weak, outdated and all the fun aspects of it aee diminished because every other spec has what you have or better. Especially in the healing/offhealing departament, mobility and even defensively.
So except for to wish you goodluck fello struggler idk what else to say.


Alessathrina is right, don’t waste your time. I would normally love to see more ferals but I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Just gets weaker and weaker by the day now it seems.


Well that’s disheartening to hear, but I will have to go against your advice as I really enjoy every part of the idea of feral, even if the gameplay isn’t in a good spot rn or most of the time.

I do appreciate the warning and will be cautious in my investing into the class.

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Dont play feral

your fellow leather wearers have :

  • evasion
  • blur
  • vanish
  • cloak
  • karma
  • disarm
  • netherwalk
  • fly in the sky
  • ring of peace
  • portal
  • stuns with no resources requirements
  • darkness

and what do you have?

AFK in bear form and die like a training dummy


I think in PvE is not that bad. In M+ you can have good AoE but at the expense of ST. In raids depends on the raid encounter.
Also utility is not bad the only downside is its also shared by ozher druid specs so you dont bring that much uniquiness.
I advise you to setup good keybinding esrly on because druid has more buttons to press than most other classes and also becausof shifting and what buttons work in which form.
Also setup a good shifting macro so you can get in and out of roots quickly.
For shifting there are some spells that will put you in the form instantly so you wont waste a GCD shifting yourself like feral tiger’s fury
Also try the rotation on a dummy so you memorize the bleed timers and how to sync it with modifiers like fury or bloodtalons.

Fair play, it’s in a terrible state but they’re still fun to play, not so much in PVP right now though but if they ever get round to giving us some love, then we can be extremely fun to play in PVP.

Thanks for the Advice, I’ll be sure to set them up, any recommendations or keybinds that you have and highly recommend?

If you can get an mmo mouse it will help a lot.
I have keybinds mapped logically between all my classes like same for CC, same for mobility, same for healing and for big CDs.
I also have a cancel form keybind can be faster to get out of form that way.
Also if you plan to play arena I suggest you setup keybinds to quickly target allies if one day they give us our supporting options back like quickly healing an ally same also for CCing an enemy a big part of feral playstyle is seting up CC

sounds good, I already have an mmo but I don’t use it seeing as I could only use it for wow but play other games on a daily basis and there it would just feel a bit inconvinient. But the keybinds and mapping seems good I’ll see if I can set that up

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