New to the cluster, hi all

Hey all,

Pleased to meet you all, I’m joining Moonglade with a friend for some casual RP on the Alliance side, with some more friends hopefully joining along the way. We’re about to start a journey from Booty Bay northwards, so feel free to find us in the open world.
From what I’ve seen, the realms are heavier on the Horde side, but that’s not a problem as we’ve got CrossRP and a stock of elixirs, so feel free to reach out if you see us.


Welcome to the cluster!
You may notice there is not much open a/o walk-up RP left here, most happens in guilds. But just be brave and enjoy your travels. I wish you lots of great encounters on the way.


Nice to see some fresh blood and good attitudes appear! Some likely days and times for you lot to be “encounterable” would be handy, so people can try and approach ye.


Hi, thanks for a nice welcome - we don’t have a fixed schedule, but I am going to be online most evenings starting tomorrow until my friend is back in the game starting in Booty Bay and spend a few days on each map as we slowly trawl through the EK.

We’ll swing by the Alliance places, but there should be a lot of neutral ground to meet for cross-rp as well.


Just dropping a contribution to this thread to produce an introduction of sorts and let everyone know that I’m the friend Sunhammer is mentioning. Thanks for your warm welcomes and encouragement.

We made a start on our adventures today and we intend to make some travels through Stranglethorn (starting from Booty Bay) and work our way up to Elwynn in the next few days.

Updates won’t be frequent but just letting everyone know that we are actively around. Cheers guys and see you out there!


Welcome to the cluster!

I don’t know too much about Ally-side, but Guild RP is still alive and kicking Horde-side and there’s plenty of people who’d be happy for a walk-up on the red team. The Convocation’ll be in Kalimdor for the near future, with well wishes for a great journey through EK!


Thanks and that’s really great to hear. The realm is looking cosy and I have a blood elf and a troll on standby too, looking forward to running into friends or trouble in Kalimdor or elsewhere.


Indeed, welcome. I hope you have a good time!


Thanks Anroka and as heads up for everyone - I will be on another char in Hearthglen with a friend this Satruday.

We’ll be making a journey to Uther’s Tomb leaving around 6 pm realm time, feel free to join or hop in before for casual HG roleplay.


It suddenly occurred to me that it has been a while since I was on here.

Great to see your initiative! I really like the idea of traveling ‘old school’ from Booty Bay to Quel’thalas, and I wish I visited this post back when you started (and that I had more free time to parttake in your adventures).

You’ve met a couple of my alts already, hopefully I can throw a few more your way before the end of your journey.

My interaction with the Convocation of Elrendar is limited, but I surmise you’ll inevitably meet some of them when your travels draw nearer to Quel’thalas (if you haven’t already) :grinning:


Oh hey, it was really nice meeting you the other day. I’m currently spending my time on another horde and alliance alt near Hearthglen, so feel free to pop by if you’re around.
I also found there is a small discord community for the cluster - I’m currently there and will be posting alerts when I’m doin something there.


Hopefully we’ll run into eachother sometime in the future! Unfortunately, the Vagrants are still lost on the other side of the veil. Our campaign became much more lengthy than anticipated because quite frankly you get the same result asking a bunch of rowdy mercs to help save the world as you would leaving circus monkeys in charge of the bananas.

When we return, we’ll most likely be making pit-stops frequently and variously at many ports throughout EK/Kalimdor, as we return to ‘regular scheduled programming’.


Am I late to the party, or is there any more RP planned / happening in the future?

Heya, not late at all, perhaps in fact early: I’m off wow for a couple of weeks but will resub by June to continue adventuring, busy with work and other doodas for now.

I’ll make a post once I return and apparently there is a cluster community discord where I’ll drop a ping too if you happen to be there.


That’s fair, the start of June is a bit busy here too, so that works perfectly fine for me personally! Just posting here again to let you know the interest is still there - I know it’s easy to get discouraged when looking for RP on low-pop realms!

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I walk again amongst the living! Check out LookingForRP group blizzard . com/invite/VEGZdpCgwz or sh-glade-cartel RP discord to get in touch, I’ve got two other casual rp chars in addition to this paladin. See you all around soon.

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