New to wow any advice

So I’m trying to start playing wow numerous times but I often get scared cause of the number of classes and servers it was wondering what people would recommend a noob as world of warcraft seems quite daunting for fresh players

You want canned answers?

  1. Choose a faction.

Alliance or Horde. If you want competitive play at max level, Horde is more active, and also maybe a bit less tolerant, on average, but for 90% of people, choose the faction you like the look of.

  1. Choose a realm.

My rule of thumb:

  • If you want to play an Alliance character, go to Silvermoon
  • If you want to play a Horde character, go to Draenor
  1. Choose a class.

Hunter is the stereotypical “can’t go wrong” ranged class for beginners. If you have no especially strong feeling about specialisations, choose Beast Mastery when you can, at level 10.

You can switch between specs at any time, but learn Beast Mastery first.

I think Demon Hunter is the equivalent “can’t go wrong” class for melee. Choose Havoc specialisation at level 10.

Hey there! Welcome!

To be honest I would just try out a few classes and see what appeals to you the most. The levelling revamp has made it really quick to reach level 20 and by then you will have a good idea (for the most part) what abilities you will be using and how the class generally feels. You can go through the tutorial in Exile’s Reach which will teach you about your role and what each ability does etc.

Also check this out, maybe this will help:

Hope that helps!

Hey there, wecome :slight_smile:

As others mentioned, you shoud first pick a faction.

The best realms according to content:

Alliance Raiding: Ravencrest > Argent Dawn > Outland > Sylvanas
Horde Raiding: Draenor > Kazzak > Twisting Nether > Tarren Mill > Ragnaros > Stormscale
Alliance PvP: Ravencrest > Outland > Sylvanas > Silvermoon
Horde PvP: Kazzak > Tarren Mill > Stormscale > Twisting Nether > Draenor
Alliance RP: Argent Dawn
Horde RP: Argent Dawn

You can read here more infos on those, esp languages and such:


As to which class you shall play, Id highly suggest you try some before picking as others suggested.

Personally I’d say Beastmaster Hunter (Ranged DPS with Utility) and Retribution Palladin (Melee DPS with utility+ heals) are beginner friendly.

Also it could be useful to join a community or social guild. You can find people to play with and depending on the guild also people that could help you/answer questions.

Also OP, I’ve recently come back to retail after taking a break and am starting fresh on a new realm if you wanna come hang out :slight_smile: been playing for 15 years so I can help with some stuff!

Id love to i could honestly use a friend i can ask dumb questions to :slight_smile:

Sure, my Bnet: Adcaelum#2854

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