"New" Travel forms for druids

Blizzbrat promised some additional customizations for allied races (LFD and NB) to be released soon for 9.1.5 instead of having us waiting until 10.0.

I am happy for the new features except their labelling of “New” travel forms! They literally just added the Doe and Cheetah into the barber and called it new, even though they existed for 10 years :/. Why the false advert?

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You do realise all that the Blue Post said was New Travel Forms For Druids Last wish - Nightborne customization - #660 by Linxy-11302

The Doe and Cheetah forms are mentioned in the wowhead post as part of what is currently available.


…and here I was thinking holy paladins have intellect as main stat. Seems like I was wrong.


2004 wants its insult back


You can close the thread now you’ve been corrected for your ignorance

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Yeah ,it’s a badly composed article by wowhead .At first glance i also got impression that doe and cheetah are new forms.

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Ostrich? (Would look a bit silly lol)
Greyhound? ( I guess this one isnt very fantasty like even tho i would love it!)

People will hate it, looks too much like a chocobo.

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Ah, yes! Come 9.1.5 all Alliance Druids will have their Travel forms changed to a Horse and be unable to change back; Alliance Shamans’ “Ghost Wolf” ability will be replaced with the far more faction-appropriate “Ghost Horse”. Also, Aquatic form will be changed to a Seahorse. :wink:


There are simply not enough alliance horses.


We will be able to transform into the nightfae centaur people to have people outrage about it just like with vulperas :slight_smile:

The blue post was talking about 9.1.5, which hasn’t even hit the PTR yet.

The fact they’ve put so many different forms for soulshape but not for druids is telling honestly, they can put in that kind of work for druid forms this entire time but won’t.

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Choose one.

many people commented with great thoughts after you, I am having troubling thoughts of whose the actual ignorant here. Oh well, go back to playing with the crumbs that blizzbrat drops.

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