New Valajar Sword Ridiculously Huge. Overall Sizing Problem

What is it with the obsession you have with making two handed weapons ridiculously huge? it looks absolutely silly. I was excited, once again, to find a weapon mog that might match my mog colourwise and seeing it on my character today just made me laugh out loud.

Just like 99% of plate boots on this character been thicker and bigger than every part of the character model, two handed weapons almost always ruin the mog by being obnoxious.

It is quite literally bigger than my entire female human model. I’ve complained about this on the forum before, it’ll be ignored as it always is but you really need to work on sizing when it comes to some races and even when it comes to female characters.

Allow us to use 1 handed weapon mogs for two handed, half the time they’re nicer and actually the right size on this character for a two handed appearance, proportion wise.

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