New World combat and talents are better

as im playing more i discover more.

the third person action combat style is so free i love it ! the talent tree is back. we choose which spells/skills we want from that tree for each weapon. can always reset.
not stuck to 2 proffesions. can master all.

only problem for now, i can finish 2 episodes of The flash (2 hours) before queue over.

Runescape has better & more profession options, doesn’t mean i should just ditch wow for it

who said u had to ditch wow?.

i have no idea what content u are doing, but im gonna assume u do raid and m+ and

so lets say u raid 6 hours a week and m+ 2-5 hours. thats 10 hours gameplay for a week.

add 20-30 min for weekly renown quest. but assume u dont raid or m+ and all u do is clowning around in old raids with 50 chars for farming of mounts. well then there is no hope. keep on farming in ur jail.

OP bassicly saying new world is better ( title duh ) implying you should ditch wow to play another mmo since most don’t play more than 1 mmo due to time & monthly fee

and even then this thread feels like an ad for new world which is pretty SUS

I do dungeons for the funzies & farm korthia rep for transmog set, i dont do old content

Going to also say it’s been killing high-end graphics cards and the engine that Amazon has used is notorious as well and was a poor choice for this kind of game yet people seem to think it’s great. When it is very clear that the game has issues and a very serious one if it is actually causing graphics cards to fail or even worse still destroying them. I would not go near this game until it is fixed and Amazon gets it to stop doing the above.

those few who lost their card, we dont really know anything about their other parts and state of their computer. there are plenty of factors of why a card burns.

Yes, that might be the case but the engine they have used is related to the Crytek Engine that was used for Crysis and we know that one was notorious back in the day for giving hardware back then a hard time this is much the same issue trying to say other pieces of hardware is also somehow at fault is an attempt to gloss over the fact it has been the cause of this issue there clearly has not been enough QA testing with various hardware setups by Amazon when they made the game and now it is in the wild it is becoming clear it is causing problems sure they are in double figures now but there is a chance it could go into three figures and worse.

So I do not buy that kind of analogy as to that being the reason that this happened.

i dont know anything about the engine they are using, but highest graphics with crysis 1-3 and other games using cryengine never showed a problem for me.

Well having done some research on it and looking at some of the issues with the engine which is is related to the original Crysis engine it seems that it has been known to cause issues back then when it was originally made and it seems those issues have been not looked into hard enough or locked down when New World was made.

I am not bashing NW but I am of the view if it is causing the catastrophic hardware failures that have been on the rise it would suggest to me that Amazon has not done their homework on the choice of engine for the game or properly tested it with high-end cards that at the moment are the only ones that have the issue but there is no way to say it could evolve and begin to effect midrange setups as well. As some have said they have been in login queues for 8hrs and that may have added to making the issues worse on their cards when they finally did play one person even said they had six black screens and then the card popped after that six-screen happened upon rebooting.

So to me, at least all of that evidence says this game has massive potential if it happens to enough people litigation action to happen if it wrecks enough people’s hardware because Amazon was too lazy to create a game engine from scratch and to make a game that could run well and respect the various pieces of hardware it is working alongside with. They took the easy option and this is the end result and it’s happening at the very start of the game’s existence and that does not bode well. Taking the easy way is not always the best way.

im not talking about the game.

but i am saying is that i have never heard of problems with the cryengine and its successors. i used to be more into gaming dx11 started coming out and next gen gpu was the next big thing, and i never came across these type of problems.
i also know that if my gpu is over heating, i should probably reduce settings.

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