Newbie Questions

Hello All I am new to the wow and Iam really enjoying it
could someone help me with a few questions
where is there buffs for characters in this game
also is armours & weapons only on quest
Thankyou for your help

Could you explain more about this? Did you meant spells for your character?

If you’re on Retail WoW, there’s a small spellbook (Default button: P) that your characters will learn automatically as they level up. I recommend to play the Exile’s Reach scenario for the in’s and outs of the game.

If you’re on any of the Classic WoW series, you need to go to a Class Trainer of your Class. Ask a guard in a big city for directions and they will put a red flag in your (mini)map (default button M) it may cost some pennies to learn your skills and not all are available, come back often!

You can find armour on enemy drops, chests, quest rewards, craft them or buy them from vendors.

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Thankyou for your help I have played another game for so long now in that game it has a buffer in town to make characters stronger just wondering if this was same as I couldn’t find one thanks for your reply very helpful to me :blush:


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