Newly back to WoW, looking for RP friends and guilds

Basically the title.

I just returned to the game. I love all sorts of content, from PvP to collecting random stuff, to pet battles and exploring. And I love RP.

If anyone would like to play with me, level with me, RP with my Dark Iron paladin lady, or anything in between hit me up? I am in desperate need of WoW friends.



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Hey there! Welcome back to the game.

You’ll often find lots of RP and contacts in Stormwind but there can be RPers hanging around Ironforge too. Alliance side is very active so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding folks to hang out with.

The guild Hamptonn linked are also cool folks so poke 'em if you’re interested!

Hiya! I’m currently doing BfA - the Drustvar questline and I tend to solo RP quest, but feel free to hmu if you ever need a flight around the area :smile:

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If a light focused RP Guild might be what you are after then I recommend giving mine a peek and a prod!

waldengarde dot com

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I can heavily vouch for League of Modimus! We’ve been doing some events with them recently, and they’re a great bunch, if you’re looking for dwarf-times!

Waldengarde is also a good choice, if you want something less-dwarven-themed.


Welcome back to the fold, Direrock! :volcano:

The Dwarven community is a dedicated and tight-knit community so you are bound to interactive with most of the guilds no matter what; at the end of the day it boils down to whether you are looking for a pan-dwarven guild or not.

The League has already been mentioned and it is a great example of a pan-dwarven experience. but I can highly recommend the Dwarves of the Morodnir as well. With that being said, if you find the amoral and at times antagonistic setting of a dark iron-only guild more compelling then feel free to reach out to me! :beers:


As stated above, these guys are fantastic too
[Dwarf-RP] Dwarves of the Morodnir - Argent Dawn - World of Warcraft Forums (

Heya, Thanks for the shoutouts.

If you’re looking for that Dark Iron only spark I can happily recommend Rhenna’s guild. She nails the dour outlook of the Dark irons.

From my interactions with the league I have found that they’re exceptionally good at providing a Dwarven military experience but I cannot say I know everything about them sadly. If that’s up your alley I suggest getting in touch with them.

The Morodnir itself is mainly focused on adventure and dwarven culture. If you’re ever up for joining on an adventure or sitting down with us and telling a good tale you can get in touch with any of our members or myself!


If you just want somebody to talk to (and potentially play with!) you’re always welcome to whisper me and say hello!

As already recommended before, League of Modimus, absolute banger guild to roleplay with, 10/10 events and roleplayers.

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