News from patch 10.1

Since the american forum have their own thing already I opened a new topic for this. If you want to share info put it in here to collect everything. Happy discussion people :smiley:

Let’s start with this.

Wow, a skull.

Depends what they do with it. The skull one is fairly overtly a nod to the Desolate Council. The repaired mask could have a variety of interpretations from Sylvanas loyalists to a symbol of unity. Of course i expect things such as the impending extinction plotline to go unaddressed, because it’s inconvenient.

First Calia needs to leave the Forsaken. She has no right to be a leader. She only exists to give out free treats to the alliance. She is a traitor just like Baine and Thrall.

Great news everyone i have fixed the slime pipes.

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